Why You May Need Marketing as a Managed Service

Why You May Need Marketing as a Managed Service
Coming up with engaging, interesting and unique marketing campaigns is a big undertaking. Plus, the longer you’re marketing the same products and services, the more difficult it is to generate effective, new ideas. And this is where marketing as a managed service can be valuable.

Without losing the core of their messaging, it’s still critical for brands to continually market themselves in creative and fresh ways. In addition to helping businesses stay competitive and relevant, they need to cut through all the noise.

Marketing as a managed service provides relief from these pain points by boosting existing marketing capabilities.

With managed marketing services, the best tools and talents are offered directly to you. As such, you avoid having to add additional staffing or recruiting, giving you access to experts. Besides, building a worthy in-house marketing team can be costly, and out of budget for some businesses.

Continue reading to explore managed marketing services and reasons why you may need marketing as a managed service.

Reasons You Should Consider Marketing as a Managed Service

Managed marketing services are not for everyone. Businesses that already have a fully staffed marketing department might not benefit from managed marketing as a service. But other businesses may not have any internal marketing capabilities whatsoever.

Given these points, here are 5 signs that you’re in a position to benefit from external marketing services.

01. Managed Marketing Services Helps with Lack of Expertise

An effective marketing team requires a lot of expertise in several areas. For example, copywriting, design, SEO, strategy, email marketing, and video production to name a few. In short, there are a lot of moving parts for an in-house marketing team to cover. Not to mention, specific technology is required to execute effective marketing strategies.

Similar to how a tight budget affects hiring and department size, it can also significantly impact the tools that are available to you. Data and creativity drives marketing campaigns. So, you need the right technology to conduct consumer research, data analysis, and marketing audits. If these tools are lacking, your marketing tactics will be likely be less effective than they could be.

With managed marketing, technology and expertise is brought to you, thus removing a significant amount of productivity waste and guesswork.

02. Deficient Marketing Results

While you don’t want a third of your campaigns to fail, you should know that no campaign is going to be perfect. Even when a campaign is deemed a failure, there are likely valuable lessons and insights that are useful in driving future strategies.

For these reasons, you should not stop marketing due to frustration. Instead, look at past campaigns to explore what and where you’re doing things right, then improve from there.

By working with a marketing service provider, you’ll have a team to help you audit past campaigns for crucial insights. They can also help use those insights and spin them into future campaigns. Ultimately, this makes it easier to boost and revamp your marketing strategy.

03. Costly Marketing Budget

Over the last decade, digital marketing has proven to be a strong marketing medium. The result is bilateral. Firstly, the market is saturated with options and its use is widespread.

Secondly, your competitors are also increasing their digital marketing budgets, pushing others to follow suit to say competitive.

Therefore, it takes a lot of time and money for in-house marketers to keep up with the rapidly shifting trends. Between turnover, benefits, salaries, and hiring costs, it may be better to wrk with a managed marketing provider.

04. Marketing is an Afterthought

As the Director of Marketing, your main priorities probably revolve around boosting the company’s bottom line. On the other hand, if you’re also involved in operations, product production, etc., marketing may be a much lower priority.

In this case, consider bringing on outside marketing experts so that you can continue focusing on products and services.

Final Thoughts on Managed Marketing Services

There are numerous reasons why a business might want to partner with an outside marketing service provider. Whether it’s creative ideation or cost control, consider such a service before spending time and money on staffing a full-blown marketing team in-house. Besides, it may just be what you need to boost brand awareness and your marketing campaigns.

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Why You May Need Marketing as a Managed Service

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