Ways to Communicate With Your WordPress Web Designers

Ways to Communicate With Your WordPress Web Designers
Your business’ online success relies heavily on a well-built, user friendly and SEO optimized website. Making your site look good, as well as visible in search results takes careful planning. And it also requires effective communication with your WordPress web designers.

Communication is key to achieving the ideal results for your website design project, regardless of the platform your site is being built on. In order to assist the web designers in doing their best work, it requires the right information at the right time from the client.

In this blog post, we will discuss tips that will assist you in achieving the website you desire, as well as have a great experience during the process.

Ways to Effectively Communicate with Your WordPress Web Designers

These few tips will get you start in the right direction.

01. Provide information about your business and website goals

Providing information about your target audience, your business, and website goals is crucial. Doing so gives the web designers a clear picture of your business that will help them give you the results you need.

02. Share your ideas from the start

If you have a specific vision for what you want your site to look like, share the details. You can also provide example websites that have the functionality that you want to incorporate. Sharing your ideas from the start avoids being disappointed, even if what your designer provided is a great option. Plus, when you communicate your ideas early on to the WordPress web designers, it gives them an opportunity to explain why something may not work. Not only does this save time for everyone, but the designers can find alternatives.

03. Be upfront

When it comes to your expectations, budget or timeline, share as much as you can. While our goal is to have every website be a masterpiece, we need to know what parts are really critical to you. This helps the us decide where to invest the most time. If certain elements or sections takes longer to build, clients can sometimes have feelings of unfairness. So, we will let you know if additional requested content is at a cost, and you can let us know if you want that.

04. Let us control the words and visuals

Our best work happens when we drive both the words and visuals. Many clients think they will supply the words for a website to save money. However, the result is never as strong or fluent as when we work on the complete messaging simultaneously.

05. Organize your information

Provide your website content whatever way your designer asks you to. If they set up a shared folder on a project management system, Google Drive or Dropbox for you, use it. This makes their job easier because everything they need will be organized and in one place. As a result, they will likely complete your project more quickly.

When it comes to revisions before launch, it’s best to provide all updates at one time. In short, performing content updates a little at a time takes longer overall than doing them all at once. For instance, each time we restart by logging back into your site and refocusing on your content takes time. So, it’s easier to make several updates when they are all together rather than 8 emails with a few modifications each.

06. Have one point person

It’s difficult when people are just raising questions or we get conflicting feedback. We understand when team members or multiple people have to review and sign-off on something. But it’s more efficient when one person is providing the feedback to us.

07. Listen and learn

Let us educate you about some of the many essential issues that factor into a design. For example, we might make decisions about what type of navigation menu to create to ensure that it looks good on both desktop and mobile devices. Or, we may make recommendations about social content that may be affected by your graphics.

Final Thoughts on Ways to Communicate Effectively with your WordPress Web Designers

At Envisager Studio, all goal is always to educate our clients and provide professional recommendations to help clients see the big picture. We do so to help you be more informed and involved with your project. It is never done to undermine your ideas. Working on a new or redesign website for your business is an exciting time for us. We want you to feel the same way!

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Christina is the Web Content Director at Envisager Studio. She leads the content creation process and ensures tone and key messaging personifies the client’s brand and engages target markets. In her spare time, she writes about content marketing, content management, and website content.

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Ways to Communicate With Your WordPress Web Designers

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