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After a small business website is designed, employing an SEO strategy is vital to your long-term success. SEO services for small business branding should include an optimized website. The design and user friendliness of your website affects how long people stay on your site, pages they will visit, and actions they will take. Your small business SEO strategy affects your website traffic and if your website is attracting your ideal customer. To be successful online, your website needs to achieve both.

Traffic is the lifeblood of your small business website. No inbound marketing effort is complete without a robust SEO strategy to help you well in search results.

SEO Strategy For Small Business

We help small businesses get online, get more website traffic, and get more new customer leads by implementing an effective SEO strategy. We accomplish this using the below SEO methods:

Keyword Rearch

We help determine the right keywords and keyword phrases for your online business to rank high for search engine results and refine website content accordingly.

On-Page/Off-Page SEO

We implement various on-page SEO techniques to boost your ranking in organic search and off-page SEO for overall brand reputation management.

SEO Audit & Reporting

We run a thorough website audit to monitor loading speed, URL structure and internal links. We also provide monthly reporting on overall website performance.

Our SEO Strategy Approach For Small Business

Our approach for an effective SEO strategy for small business online focuses on five key components all of which are required for a successful online presence.
1. Strong Website Foundation and Clear Purpose
A clearly defined website purpose will ultimately be the driving force to attracting new customers to your website or making more sales. Well defined target market and ideal customer are key ingredients of a solid business foundation to achieve a more successful online strategy.
2. Technology
We believe in leveraging the power of technology for our small business clients’ websites. A website that loads fast and is easy to navigate provides a great user experience. We provide website performance reports regularly to our clients which includes the number of site visitors, how long they are staying on the site, pages they visited and how they reached the website.
3. Website Traffic
Before your ideal customer can make a purchase or take any action, they first need to know your website exists and then easily find it. Through on-page SEO, inbound marketing, and other SEO tactics, we help drive traffic to your website, and provide businesses with meaningful leads and help them reach a wider audience.
4. Conversion
We help businesses to entice website visitors to take a desire action. For most businesses this can range from an email inquiry to a phone call, or scheduling an appointment to making a sale.
5. Trust & Relationship
People usually buy from or use services of company’s they trust; usually because of someone’s recommendation or an online review. Establishing trust and building relationships with your customers are critical components of a business’ brand. We implement various off-page SEO techniques for overall brand reputation management.
SEO Strategy for Small Business Branding | Envisager Studio

Search Engine Optimization vs. Search Engine Marketing

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