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Let us help tell your story in a more engaging and interactive way.
At Envisager Studio, our video marketing services San Diego has the power to humanize your brand. Videos can educate your customers, and so much more. Plus, it’s not about having one good animated explainer video on your homepage, but rather ongoing marketing strategies. We understand what your viewers see and how they find it, as well as know the social channels they use and their keyword searches.
companies create videos to educate audiences
of people watch short videos on mobile
Tik Tok users bought items after watching video
of people watch product or explainer videos
Video Marketing Services San Diego | Envisager Studio

Envisager Studio's video marketing services in San Diego combine video content with SEO for impactful results.

Also known as video SEO, video marketing is a powerful and effective way to enhance your brand online. Using short, explainer videos, you can promote your products and services in a visually engaging way. So, marketers who understand the importance of video have a unique advantage over business competitors.

Our video SEO services help San Diego clients and clients abroad, build a deeper connection with customers. Plus, video marketing is a cost effective way to deliver a strong message quickly, as well as can be shared on just about every social media platform.
Video Marketing Services San Diego | Envisager Studio
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Web Design Development San Diego | Envisager Studio

How video impacts SEO

With search engine optimization at the forefront, there are many benefits to using video. In addition to gaining more YouTube views, video also provides traffic to your website. This can lead to better opportunities for conversions due to website traffic.

Additionally, videos provide more backlinks to your site from other reputable sites. Brand awareness is boosted across more channels, providing authentic connections with your target audience. Moreover, videos rank high on social media news feed as well as Google search results pages.


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Whether you are a well established company or startup brand, our web design development San Diego services are customized for each client.

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Types of video content

Our video services help viewers avoid boredom from reading lots of text. You can pass your message to prospects while seamlessly entertaining and educating them. Each video format should match the demand and intent of our target audience. That’s why Envisager Studio’s video SEO services include various types, presentation and style of video.

Take a look at what our video marketing services in San Diego include:

Video promotion services for seo

SEO requires constant publication of content that satisfies the need of prospect and customer expectations. To accomplish this, Envisager Studio’s strategists create promotions and distribution programs tailored to your most relevant channels, industry and target audience.

Here are just a few reasons why video SEO services is an investment and why our San Diego marketing team offers it:

Attracts More Visitors

Search engines are eager to include video and similar media in search results and they are indexed quickly. Videos uploaded to YouTube are automatically indexed, given that Google owns that channel. Your videos receive backlinks to your website, which improves your search engine ranking.

Clickable Content

Videos are highly clickable content as noted by the 52% higher click-through rate than text in search results. This is primarily due to the rich video snippets that’s shown along with the search results. Moreover, on websites, videos make content stand out in a text-only landscape.

Drives Purchases

Visitors are more engaged with your website’s content through video marketing. In fact, visitors are more likely to purchase a product after watching a product video. These two benefits alone can keep visitors on your website longer, allowing you to educate them about your offerings.

Video marketing faqs

Web Design and Marketing FAQs | Envisager Studio
Video marketing is a form of marketing that uses video to promote your products, services or brand. This type of video is also used for testimonials and advertisements.
Points to consider here is the purpose of the video and how it relates to your business’ brand. While comedy videos are some of the most watched videos, they may not be suitable for your brand. So, a rule of thumb is to use engaging content that complements your brand. However, nobody wants to be bored, so injecting appropriate upbeat moments can keep your audience attentive.
Classic marketing videos are not the only types of videos used in marketing strategies. Other types of videos used in marketing include:
  • Educational content
  • Product showcases
  • Testimonials
  • Demos
  • Explainer videos
  • Interviews
  • Case studies
  • And more

It depends on the type of video and where you are sharing it. Some platforms have a specific time length you need to adhere to to share on their platform. With this in mind, a tutorial video for customers can exceed 15 minutes because it may need the time to fully explain a complex topic. On the other hand, video ads are general just a few seconds.

Also, keep in mind that videos used on your website should be optimized so as not to slow down page speed.
As with most digital content, it depends on where you intend to use it. For example, Instagram and similar platforms’ videos are intended to be viewed on phone, and their size (aspect ratio) is 9:16. YouTube uses 16:19, but Facebook uses a variety of ratios, depending on where you want your video to appear.
A video marketing campaign does not have to be expensive, depending on whether you use online tools to create it yourself, or hire a video marketing agency. In general, professional videos start at around $500 to make. Think of it as an investment for a highly visible marketing asset that you can use many times in many different places.

Video marketing definitely works, particularly when it’s optimized for SEO. With a plethora of people watching videos on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Tik Tok and other social media, how could it not?

The impact of video marketing services is significant, as some of our San Diego clients will attest to. In fact, a 2022 video statistic study reported that a whopping 94% of consumers say that a video helped them better understand a product.

Getting starting with videos may seem intense at first, especially if you’re trying to create them yourself. But this easily digestible marketing format has been proven to attract visitors to your website.

The stats speak for themselves regarding how beneficial video marketing is. Seeing that 88% of marketing experts use video marketing as part of their marketing mix, video content usefulness is undeniable. And while there are a massive number of video ads, over half of the consumers still want to see more video ads from brands they’re interested in.

Plus, let’s not forget that YouTube has 2.7 billion monthly active users, and many of those people use it as a search engine, instead of Google!
Different from organic video marketing, video advertising is a form of paid advertising that uses videos as the ad content. Video ads can be created for:
  • Use on YouTube
  • Social platforms like Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, and more
  • Most video streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu, to name a few.