Ways To Improve Your SEO Rankings

While there are numerous ways to improve your seo rankings, you must also consider the plethora of ranking factors. Because Google’s algorithm is ever-changing, there will always be new concepts to explore.

Notwithstanding the above points, many SEO fundamentals are here to stay. While SEO can be intimidating, you don’t have to be an expert to achieve notable results. Instead, you can use the below tips to help you compete online.

By simply breaking them down into actionable items, you can strengthen your strategy as well as boost your confidence. As a result, you’ll reach your search result goals with greater success.

Ways To Improve Your SEO Rankings

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of producing great content that ranks well in search engines. However, your content’s position is determined by a slew of algorithmic ranking factors.

The current state of SEO is that it’s constantly evolving. Many factors that were important ten years ago are now obsolete. Consequently, there are better ways to improve your seo rankings. For example, before Google introduced Penguin in 2012, website owners were running amuck with keyword stuffing.

“Keyword stuffing” is the unorthodox practice of loading a webpage with keywords. The purpose is to attempt to manipulate a site’s ranking in Google search results. Now, Google Penguin detects and penalizes these sites for such behavior. Obviously, this is NOT one of the ways to improve your SEO rankings.

With this in mind, here are some tested recommendations for upping your SEO game.

1. Core Web Vitals (CWV)

You can use Google’s Core Web Vitals report to see how your website is doing in several key performance areas. These distinct metrics are provided by Google as a user’s overall experience when visiting your website.

This report is part of Google Search Console. After logging into your account, choose the web property you want to see the data for. Then, you’ll see that the Core Web Vitals Assessment is broken down into three user experience and performance measurements.

  • Page Load (First and Largest Contentful Paint or FCP/LCP)
  • Time to Interactivity (First Input Delay or FID)
  • Visual Stability (Cumulative Layout Shift or CLS)

After you run the report, you can see how your website performs in these key areas. Be aware that poor scoring in these areas categories can negatively impact your search rankings. Conversely, having a high CWV score doesn’t mean all your site pages will be on page 1 of Google. As previously mentioned, there are a plethora of ranking factors that can affect your site’s position in search.

Additionally, if your site is scoring fair to poor in any of the three areas, it’s time to revisit your SEO strategies. In a word, you need to improve the user experience of your site.

2. Performance

How compatible is your website with technical and accessibility standards? You know, the ones set by search engines. The three main aspects of technical SEO are:

  • Page Speed
  • Mobile-Friendliness
  • Security

In general, you can address mobile friendliness and page speed issues by looking at your Core Web Vitals. For site security, one of the main factors is HTTPS. Can you imagine providing your credit card information on a website that does have an SSL Certificate? Me either. In fact, users and search engines alike prefer web experiences that offer full encryption. Particularly, when providing sensitive or personal information.

Utilizing additional tools such as Kingdom and GT Metric can also be helpful in providing insight regarding your page speed.

3. Use Schema To Enhance Search Results

Schema is structured data that generates more detailed information about your web pages. This information is helpful to search engines and browsers as it provides a deeper understanding of your content.

Many WordPress themes has Schema built into the theme options. And you simply just need to activate it from the theme’s settings. If your theme doesn’t provide such an option, you can employ a dedicated plugin to make use of this SEO functionality. By using schema, search results display richer information for sites than ones without.

4. Use Videos To Enhance Your SEO Strategy

As we’re all aware, people love watching videos. Whether they’re about animals or interesting company information, videos can be entertaining and informative. Given these points, if you’re not using videos as part of your seo strategies, you’re missing opportunities. Not to mention, YouTube ranks as the second largest search engine.

You can simply start incorporating video into your website main pages as well as blog posts. Remember, search engines consider the length of time visitors stick around in addition to quality content. So, by using video, you can improve both metrics.

Wrapping It Up

As web developers and SEO professionals, we understand the importance of helping clients improve their SEO rankings. We also get that grasping expert knowledge of SEO is not easy for everyone. But, by breaking up your strategy into manageable bites and utilizing online toolkits, an seo strategy is within reach.

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Ways To Improve Your SEO Rankings

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