Mobile Optimized Website Examples

If you’re looking for mobile optimized website examples, we’ve designed tons of mobile-friendly websites for your viewing.

Our mobile optimized website examples are just a few of the indicators for online success. As a marker, over fifteen years ago, the iPhone changed how we shop, behave, and browse. Now more than ever, businesses are focusing on creating engaging mobile website experiences.

Since 2015, Google has been favoring mobile-friendly websites. In early 2018, they started indexing mobile sites. And by 2019, Google was conducting mobile-first indexing. Why does this matter to your small business?

First, there have been more search queries on mobile devices than on desktop for several years now. Second, Google predominantly uses the mobile version of your site for indexing and ranking. And third, if your site is not mobile-friendly, it’ll mostly like appear somewhere around the 15th page of search results.

Beautiful Mobile Optimized Website Examples

You can expect Google to continue to raise the bar for what it considers to be mobile-friendly. And this includes page load time in addition to other components in its algorithm updates. Obviously, you should be focusing on improving your mobile experience. If not, your search ranking will cease to exist.

To help inspire your design changes, here’s our top 3 mobile optimized website examples.

Louticia's Hair Essentials - Mobile Optimized Website Examples

1. Louticia’s Hair Essentials

This company’s mobile website is both searchable and conveniently browsable. It displays their main categories as well as featured items prominently on the home page. Louticia’s Hair Essentials is one of the six brands under the conglomerate Uptown New York Style, Inc.

It’s category-based and aesthetically pleasing mobile store makes it one of the best mobile optimized website examples we’ve seen. The company’s homepage puts the search icon right at the top. That way you can perform a custom search if browsing no longer suffices to find the item you’re looking for.

But, Louticia’s Hair Essentials makes it easy to pursue its digital aisles by sorting each item by item type. For example, you can easily click the human hair wigs, and then drill further to headband wigs.

2nd Chanz Truckin - Mobile Optimized Website Examples

2. 2nd Chanz Truckin Academy

The 2nd Chanz Truckin website is easily searchable. This is critical given it’s offering for course sign ups. The most important offerings are also clear on first page load.

This company is an online truck driving academy known for its stellar trucker driver rating. Their top priority on mobile is to help students find the driving certification course that best suits their needs. So, they’ve put their training programs at top and bottom of their mobile website for easy access.

ULOC Community Network - Mobile Optimized Website Examples

3. ULOC Community Network

ULOC Community Network takes a unique approach to the charity website, creating a visually appealing experience for mobile users. Most nonprofit websites are simple and text-based.

When you visit their site, you’ll notice right away there’s something unique about it. It’s a highly driven image website to capture the moments, events, and works that the organization does. It’s almost like they anticipate your questions before you even ask them. Users are given guidance throughout the site. For example, are you visiting the site to volunteer, sponsor, or to donate food or household items? Then, it goes into detail how you can easily do these things.

Additionally, it has a monthly updated list of locations with maps for areas their mobile pantry serves. Users can easily tap a location from their phone and drive to the location to get free food or household items.

Mobile Websites To Inspire Yours

These days, it’s a necessity to have an effective mobile website. Particularly, if you want to get found and rank in search results. If you neglect your mobile site, that might just alienate half of your audience.

With this in mind, Envisager Studio builds beautiful, SEO optimized mobile-friendly websites for all industries. To see what we can do for your business, get in touch today!

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Mobile Optimized Website Examples

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