Small Business Video: Tips To Help Your Small Business Leverage Video Marketing

If you’re ready to elevate your online presence, small business video marketing can help you do just that! And you won’t even need a director, film crew or scriptwriter to create engaging videos. In fact, you’ll only need what’s here in this mini small business video marketing recommended tips.

As we can see by the plethora of videos online, videos are more popular than ever. And, they have come a long way since the original motion picture format. Action, drama, and movement are what propel a story into an emotional, artful experience. One that generates hype, revitalize viewers, and build connections.

Small Business Video Marketing

Every day, nearly 50% of people watch at least 4 videos. The point? People are interested in different types of video content.

So, with all the competition and a limited budget, how can you drive awareness to your brand? With an effective video marketing strategy, of course. Consequently, you’ll be able to go into more detail about your brand. Establish trust with your target audience. And invite them into the kinetic photography that represents your brand’s story.

Ready to direct your brand on the big screen of the internet! Grab your snacks, dim the lights. Your small business video marketing screen time starts now.

1. Video Marketing Strategy Using Products For Social Media

Nearly 70% of people learn visually, which makes for an invaluable video marketing strategy. With this in mind, how do you capture your audience’s attention in less than five seconds? That’s one of the key questions marketers must answer when creating content for social media.

The answer is simpler than you might think. That is, create short, to the point videos that resonate with viewers. Generally speaking, people typically scroll through their news feed until they see something interesting to check out. If your content is bland or confusing, they’ll continue strolling without taking a second look.

On the other hand, bite sized, shareable videos will grab their attention and keep them hooked to the end. Even companies with a small business video marketing budget can use this approach.

2. Leverage Customer Generated Content For Video Ads

Using customer generated videos is not only affordable, but also an effective way to bring in new customers. After all, people trust the opinion of consumers. This is why they read product and service reviews.

So, how can your small business bring in new customers using video ads? Well, by asking loyal customers to take videos of your product. For example, a product testimonial video or how they used your product. Make sure the video is in portrait mode so you can convert it into an ad.

In addition to being social proof that you’re a trustworthy business, it also serves to promote your brand online. And just like that, your click-through rate can double without exhausting a sales team.

3. Create An Awesome How-To Video

Although tutorials and educational videos aren’t anything new, they still remain at the forefront. Why is that? Because it’s something your target audience doesn’t know how to do or understand. For this reason, this type of video marketing strategy is very popular.

The best tutorial videos are short, shareable, and provides valuable insight into a common problem. In general, the lesson is specific and straightforward.

4. Repurpose Existing Content into Video Format

We all know that small business owners often do more than just operate the day to day. So, instead of continually spreading yourself thin, refocus your efforts to maximize your time. Content is the backbone of your video marketing strategy. If you already have blog posts or social media graphics, repurpose that content into sharable videos.

For example, listicles and blog posts are prime content to convert to video format. Besides, nearly 75% of people prefer videos over written text. Online software such as Lumen5 can help your convert your content to video.

5. Shine The Light On Your Employees Through Video

Whether one or multiple employees, staff always feel special when their good words are noticed. Not to mention, people enjoy seeing the inner workings of companies they’re interested in.

You can create video tutorials using your internal experts to help potential customers understand a product. Or to develop a better awareness of the possibilities of your services. Take it a step further and create daily video blogs of your operations. Customers and social media followers alike enjoy seeing how well a team works together. Plus, they can see how hard you work to bring them that well-crafted recliner dad sits in every day.

Also, people want to work with and buy from brands that invest time into improving company culture.

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Small Business Video: Tips To Help Your Small Business Leverage Video Marketing

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