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03.29.22 in Content Marketing

Video Email Marketing: Ideas For Adding Video To Email Campaigns

Video Email Marketing: Ideas For Adding Video To Email Campaigns

Video email marketing is effective in prompting customers to respond to your message and take a certain action. Moreover, video email campaigns foster engagement and positively affects click-throughs.

Most business owners begin their day by checking emails. Knowing that your day will start with a video that’s catered to you, puts a smile on your face. Why? Because you’ve obviously subscribed to receive the company’s content. So, whether it’s a music video, new product introduction, etc., you can quickly consume this type of information. Thus, allowing you to take action and move forward with your day.

Cisco determined that by 2022, online videos will compensate for more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic. That’s 15 times higher than it was in 2017.

Understanding Video Email Marketing

Video marketing is simply including videos in your email campaigns. For businesses, videos can be integrated in just about all of your online content. For instance, your website, digital ads, video email campaigns, landing pages, and many more.

And as consumer demand for video content continues to soar, your business needs to establish a connection with your audience. When implemented the right way, your business can enjoy many benefits of a video platform.

As an extremely popular medium, including video in your email marketing campaigns can increase your conversions. Not to mention, engaging your subscribers. Generally speaking, a large percentage of the population has a short attention span. Therefore, reading long pages of text doesn’t work for everyone.

With this in mind, you can focus on an audience that absorbs information visually. And with video, you have an opportunity to make less interesting topics more compelling for your audience.

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How To Use Video In Email Campaigns

Videos can greatly increase lead generation, sales, shares, and click-throughs.

In general, the best way to introduce yourself to someone is in person. However, many business communication can’t be executed in person. So people use different communication channels to deliver the message to their audience.

One of the most effective channels for businesses is email communication. but email communications from your company don’t have to be comprised of only text. Instead, start creating video email campaigns.

With this intension, here are 4 ways you can experiment with using video in your email campaigns.

  1. Explainer Videos In Email

Approximately 95% of internet users have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service. Not only are these types of videos easy to record, but people enjoy watching them. Additionally, 97% of small business owners say a video was helpful in increasing user understanding of their product or service.

In a single video, you can use a step-by-step approach to show customers how to use your product or service. There are many tools you can use to record an explainer video. But the most important thing is to be creative, informative, and of course have fun.

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  2. Testimonial Video

Since people like reading customer reviews, email campaigns are a great place to share them. And you can harness the power of customer reviews by using testimonial videos in your email newsletters.

Letting customers talk about their purchase or experience and showing their happy face, speaks volumes for your company. For instance, to ensure your target audience know about your product’s numerous benefits, customer testimonials are a for-sure win.

  3. Support Videos

Your team could send videos to customers facing issues rather than calling or emailing them. For some customers, support videos are more effective in resolving their issues. Not only that, but customers can see what you’re doing and you only have to create the video once. Unlike a video conferencing, you can send the support video to multiple customers facing the same issues.

Besides video being a visual medium, its focus is on showing instead of telling. The goal of every support team is to solve customers issues while ensuring their satisfaction. And providing a step-by-step video ensures the customer gets the most out of their purchase. Furthermore, it helps you reach your goal faster which is to provide exemplary customer service.

  4. Introduction Videos

Integrating a video in your introduction emails increases the odds that the recipient will click through to your products and services.

Given that these videos aren’t a result of mass production, they’re not meant to be perfect. Instead, they should be more personable and less commercial. You can create introduction videos using a mobile phone or web camera. And don’t forget to stay under 45 seconds when recording.

Existing and potential customers will be to put a face to your name and feel like they know you. This is an important step in achieving a deeper relationship with your customers. As such, it could lead to a conversion.

Wrapping It Up

Many people find visual aids helpful when they’re learning things. This is why video stays in the view’s mind better than text. In fact, viewers retain 95% of video messages compared to 10% when reading information.