Pickup and Delivery Plugins WordPress Website Developers Use

Since the start of the 2020 pandemic, WordPress website developers have gotten creative in helping clients provide goods and services. Stores providing pickup services are tailoring their services for their customers’ safety. Even restaurants started supplying contactless delivery.

Despite the need for such a solution, not every business has found a cost-effective remedy for pickup and delivery. However, as things start to settle from the pandemic, it’s time to update your offerings.

But there is good news! Albeit WordPress website developers aren’t obtained for every type of site, plugins can make the job easier. Using these software components, pickup and delivery options are seamlessly integrated into your website.

Things you’ll learn in this article:

  Benefit of offering more options for customers
  Useful plugins for your business’ needs

Why Pickup and Delivery Systems Are A Good Investment

Since the spring of 2020, there has been an increase in pickup and delivery. Buy online, pick up in-store shot up nearly 210% in April 2020 as compared to same time in 2019. Even restaurant management platforms saw a surge in weekly sales through online ordering.

In the same fashion, consumers prefer services that decrease the necessity of in-person visits. In fact, 80% of consumers have changed their shopping habits since the pandemic started. As a result, they factor in how much in-person time is required when choosing which business to visit.

Obviously, safety concerns have changed the way people shop. Consequently, your business need to keep up. Otherwise, you can lose customers who choose your competitors because of their better accommodations.

Given these points, do your company a favor by giving customers ideal options for receiving your products.

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WordPress Website Developers Favorite Pickup and Delivery Plugins

After accessing clients’ business services, WordPress website developers integrate plugins that help implement them. Even if you only install the WooCommerce plugin, you’ll offer a wide range of service options to customers.

Here are 4 plugin add-ons that extends the functionality of the WooCommerce plugin.

01. Local Pickup Plus

This pickup and delivery plugin is for local stores that allow customers to pick up items. Local Pickup Plus offers a comprehensive system to multiple distribution centers, locations, and pickup sites.

Moreover, this plugin give retailers several tools. For example, scheduling pickup times, and controlling number of items available for pickup. You can also set up discounts for pickups as well as notify employees of pickup orders.

02. Curbside Pickup

Given that curbside service requires timing and organization, Curbside Pickup plugin is ideal for this purpose. The plugin alerts staff when customers arrive. It also offers various pickup options for customers. For instance, it can use the description of the customer’s vehicle or select a parking space number.

WordPress website developers can install as a standalone plugin as it’s compatible with WooCommerce.

To stay afloat, your business needs to keep up with the changing times. With this in mind, utilizing various pick and delivery options on your website, better serves your customers.

03. Delivery Drivers For WooCommerce

The Delivery Drivers plugin can help if your business manages several drivers. With this plugin you can assign drivers to specific orders and have drivers provide you status on the order.

Not only will you know your employees’ location, but you’ll also know when the order was delivered.

04. Leave At Door For WooCommerce

In addition to being an add-on for the main WooCommerce plugin, this software is free. Using Leave At Door, customers select contactless delivery during the check out process. The message, order information, and confirmation email get sent to the administrator’s order screen.

Customers can also add additional instructions if desired.

These are just a few of the many WordPress plugins that can help you facilitate curbside delivery and pickup solutions. Provide your customers with top-notch service and give them options when it comes to ordering. Are you ready to upgrade your eCommerce website? Get in touch with our expert WordPress website developers today!

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Pickup and Delivery Plugins WordPress Website Developers Use

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