People Not Opening Your Email Marketing Campaigns? Try This!

We’re all guilty of not opening certain email marketing campaigns. But we do open marketing emails from other companies. Did you know that the average open rate is 15-25%? So, this means a whopping 75-85% of marketing emails are sent directly to trash or completely ignored.

To be successful in getting people used to opening your email marketing campaigns, 18% or above open rate is ideal. But how do you make sure your campaigns are the kind that people will open?

In this post, we’ll provide tips on how to get people into the habit of opening your email marketing campaigns.

Stick To A Schedule

Recipients can’t form a habit of opening your emails if there’s no set frequency. Therefore, they don’t know when to expect your content to hit their inbox.

Thus, one of the most important things to do is choose a specific date and time to send out your content. And of course, stick to it.

Be conscientious about the frequency though. Not everyone wants to receive 5 marketing emails per month from a company. However, you can allow them to set their preferences when they initially sign up. Now that you’ve earned their trust and they subscribe, don’t ruin it by sending oodles of emails. Instead, sending emails two times per month is more common for the highest open rates.

Additionally, after you establish a frequency, share it with your subscribers. This way, they’ll know when to expect it and build a habit of opening your email marketing campaigns from the start.

Marketing Emails Example A Diva's Hidden Hair

For example, Constant Contact customer A Diva’s Hidden Hair states their email frequency prominently on their opt-in form. It notes: ‘5 minutes once per month every Friday afternoon’.

Opening Email Marketing Campaigns

You should also send your campaigns at a time that’s best for the recipients to read it. Since your goal is to have people open and take action, send them out when subscribers aren’t too busy. Also, determine the best day and time to send by examining previous campaigns engagement statistics.

So everyone agrees that Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the best days to send out an email campaign. Generally speaking, the best time is during workday hours (9am to 5pm, excluding lunch hours).

Still, there are various factors contributing to whether or not subscribers are opening your email marketing campaigns. Some email subscription services have an ‘Optimize send time’ feature. Its use is helpful in selecting a send time based on when your subscribers have historically been most active.

Choose a Familiar ‘From’ Name

Choosing a ‘from’ name requires consideration. First, should it be your company name? Secondly, should it be a specific staff person inside your company? Lastly, should it be a combination of both?

The answer is, it depends on several factors. For instance, customer signs up on your website but your company name is not well-known. The subscriber may forget the company name because they signed up for an offer, etc. But for big brands such as Apple or large retailers, the customer is not apt to forget the name.

Our agency Envisager Studio is a boutique website design and marketing agency. I have conversations with every client regardless if I or staff is completing the project. Therefore, as the owner, I always include my name along with our agency name in the ‘from’ for our email newsletters.

Email Marketing Campaign From Envisager Studio

Start with an Incentive

Special offers and incentives have been shown to improve open rates by 86%. Whether it’s food or apparel, people love free stuff and getting discounts.

Also, don’t forget to send a great welcome email. It should also be packed with value. After all, you want to show your appreciation to subscribers for their interest in your company.

These types of rewards can be any from discount on first use or free cooking class. For example, Uber Eats send an inspiring one-off email containing a coupon code.

Email Marketing Best Practices Uber Eats

Wrapping It Up

In addition to the above tips for people opening email marketing campaigns, create quality content and imagery. Besides, the point of marketing emails is to grow subscribers, conversions, and ROI. So, if there are time constraints, don’t just slap your newsletter or campaign together. Wait until it can be done right because there’s no unseeing something.

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People Not Opening Your Email Marketing Campaigns? Try This!

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