Benefits Of Email Marketing For Small Business

Email marketing for small business is an important component of your digital marketing mix. However, given the limited staff and time, it’s often overlooked or dismissed.

Small business email marketing is notably different from email marketing created by large corporations. Even so, that doesn’t mean one is more important than the other. It simply means that their scale and tactics are unique to their business type.

How Small Business Benefit From Email Marketing

A small business is in a unique position to benefit from email marketing, as it has more options when it comes to brand image. For example, a small business can build trust with local customers much easier than larger corporations. Larger entities don’t often resonate with smaller communities as easily.

By using this powerful marketing channel, you can keep your brand top of mind for past, present, and potential customers. In addition to that, 9 in 10 adults go online to check email more often than they visit social media sites.

The thing to remember though, is today’s modern customer responds better to organic approaches. So, make sure you’re not sending unsolicited or generic emails. And above all, be honest, open, and transparent with your customers.

Accordingly, focus less on selling products and more on getting customers to subscribe to your newsletters. And you can use the below tips to build a robust email list.

  Make Email Sign Up Easy

Don’t use complicated forms or too many steps. Make the process as simple as possible for customers to subscribe to your newsletter. It’s also a good idea to let customers know about the type of content they are signing up for. This way there are no surprises when they receive your newsletter.

Customers will be quick to unsubscribe if they feel the content is different from what they were led to expect. And you definitely don’t want subscribers to lose trust in your brand.

  Growing Your Small Business Email List

There are so many other businesses vying for your customers’ attention. It is no easy task to grow an email list.

Therefore, you should make sure to produce high quality content in your newsletters. And also include exclusive content that customers can’t get anywhere else.

  Promote Your Brand As A Thought Leader

Being a small business, you have local standing. So, use your domain expertise to promote your brand as a thought leader in your area. You can achieved this minimally, yet effectively through the strategic use of email marketing.

Establishing a reputation as a local expert via email content helps build stronger customer relationships. And these are crucial to small businesses.

How To Measure Email Marketing Effectiveness in Small Business

Measuring the effective of email marketing in small business is the foundation to creating more successful campaigns. There are several metrics to measure the success rates.

You should be keeping track of the number of emails that are forwarded. Equally important, is tracking the number of emails that are marked as spam. Tracking the number of deleted emails is important also. And do a comparison whether they were deleted before or after opening.

These metrics, plus others, can offer valuable insights to help you plan future small business email campaigns.

Don’t know where to start or have time to begin email marketing? We can help! Get in touch with the Envisager Studio email marketing team for your small business today.

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