Essential Web Design Tips For Small Business Websites in 2022

This article will share essential web design tips for small business websites to improve your online presence in 2022. Learn about the top website design trends and standards for 2022.

As you set out to conquer the world with your small business websites in 2022, don’t forget to upgrade it. From integrating upcoming trends to bridging existing gaps, redesigning your website has many benefits.

Building Small Business Websites in 2022

Starting small business websites design project can be a daunting task. There’s a lot to consider and minimal personnel to devote time to this project.

So, where do you begin?

Continue reading for essential web design tips for small business websites in 2022.

01. Professional Design

Professional small business website design should be at the very top of your list. Why? Because potential clients viewing your outdated website will assume your company, products and services are also outdated.

Your website is the foundation for everything your business does online. And it’s often the first interaction a potential client has with your business. Given these points, it’s also the first impression you get to make.

Would you show up to a meeting wearing sweat pants and a wrinkled t-shirt? Of course not. So, the same goes for your small business web design.

02. Sliders are No Longer Essential Website Design Trends

Rethink using sliders, especially on your homepage. In addition to having no value for SEO, they load extra JavaScript which slows down your site. Instead, create an aesthetically-pleasing, relevant static header for your landing page.

Although some sliders on sites look great, but they also cause confusion for visitors. Particularly if you have different offers on multiple slides. Which one should they choose? Is either of them relevant to what they need right now? Due to the confusion, sliders negatively impact your SEO and conversion rates.

03. Briefly Showcase Your Products & Services

Visitors coming to small business websites are looking for a particular product or service. Thus, your homepage is not the place for lowbrow or mysterious content. In fact, no page on your site should display such content.

Have clear and direct information about your products and services. For instance, your homepage can give a brief overview of each item you offer. Then, provide a button or link to their perspective pages for details.

Also, using vague terms like ‘innovative solutions’ or ‘full suite of services’ are too indistinct. You should instead be clear and concise. Be obvious! For example, things like ‘bookkeeping software’ or ‘personalized gifts designer’ say exactly what you offer.

If your website is not clear about what you offer, your visitors will likely go elsewhere.

04. Easy Navigation

This is one of the essential web design tips for small business websites we talk about a lot. After all, if visitors can’t navigate your site, how will they find what they’re looking for?

An easy navigation is one that’s well-organized and accommodates the website visitor. Not only should the menu items accommodate what the user expects, but should also be optimized for search engines.

05. Engage Your Visitors

One of the most essential web design tips is to engage your website visitors. After they’ve landed on your site, what do you have to entice them to stick around? Or explore additional pages?

Small business websites should have a caveat that keeps visitors engaged. However, we’re not talking about inappropriate loud audio and certainly not neon signs. Instead, we are talking about engaging content that solves the prospect’s problems. For example, a video or animation that draws in the visitor or interest them.

If you look at other small business websites, you’ll notice they have several things in common. For instance, vivid imagery, engaging copy or moving visuals that resonates with you. Hence, your website should have similar content.

If you’re feeling that your small business website is lacking some essentials, we can help! Contact us today to discuss your small business website design.

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Essential Web Design Tips For Small Business Websites in 2022

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