How To Promote Your Website and Grow Your Business

Social, search, email and more ways to increase website traffic. Learn how to promote your website and grow your business.

Whether conducting business online or storefront, having a website is a requirement. In fact, it’s one of the most important components to small business success. In essence, it’s the foundation of your business’ online presence. Everything your business does online should come from or go back to your website. In other words, your website is always a touchpoint.

How To Promote Your Website

When people visit your website, you can likely learn more about them. You can also turn them into clients, advocates or partners. And if any of these things happen, it’s definitely a win for your business.

But how do you promote your website and what are ways to increase website traffic?

With Envisager Studio’s website integration tools, you can seamlessly promote your website across various marketing channels. To help you better understand how to promote your website, here are 5 ways to increase website traffic.

01. Optimize Your Website For Organic Search

Unless a person already knows your website URL, it discovered by typing in phrases or words into a search engine. Of course, there are other ways to increase website traffic such as clicking a link to your site from someone else’s.

But we’re not covering link building per se in this article. So, knowing the search terms people are currently using to find your website, makes it easier to pull in more visitors.

These terms can be specific to your business such as your product name or brand. They can also be descriptors like ‘yellow flowers’ or ‘all natural’, or other attributes that sets you apart.

A great source to find the keywords website visitors have used to find you is Google Analytics. You can then use those keywords to help you optimize your website content.

Additionally, Google Console is also a helpful free to seeing how often your website appears in search results. It also shows which search terms drives the most traffic. And how many people clicked on your site in search results.

Here are bonus ways to promote your website and grow your business. Do the following and you’re on your way to search engine optimization.

  • Make your website findable. Whether product or service, add complete descriptions of your offerings along with benefits. As a result, search engines can index this content. And don’t forget to include descriptive SEO titles for all your web pages. This can be added as you build your website and is one of the ways to increase website traffic.
  • Leverage your website content. Testimonials, blog posts, and similar content helps enhance your search rankings and drives visitors to your website.
  • Optimize your images. Although search engines are more adept to indexing words that visual elements, you still need to optimize images. But not only images, videos should be optimized as well. By doing this, it can help improve your Google ranking if they are optimized for mobile viewing. Also, every image should have an alt tag that describe the image. In addition to adhering to website standards, it gives search engines a text alternative to interpret.

02. Create a Targeted Landing Page

If you’re promoting a specific product, you should direct visitors to a dedicated landing page featuring that content. This enhances their engagement with your website as well as your business.

Audience data is useful in creating pages that showcase content directed to a website visitor’s priorities. This can be a special promotion based on a user’s comment on social platforms. Or, product features updates that someone has been researching.

Then, use this personalized messaging in your future marketing by creating labels for your contacts. A label for a contact can inform the content you serve up when they visit your site and ensures you’re providing them relevant content.

Signup forms on a landing page should also have labels for that page. As a result, everyone who joins your audience there is tagged for future personalized emails. Labels or tags are useful in helping you quickly send target emails. This includes automated welcome emails for new subscribers and campaigns that highlight links to content on your site.

03. Use Digital Ads To Promote Your Site

We’ve all seen them all over the internet. From the latest sneakers to eyelash extensions and much more. Those ads are called display ads, and they’re designed to drive traffic to a website or a specific landing page. While you may never have clicked on one, they do work. Because they can be placed on websites or blogs, they attract a specific audience.

For social platforms like Instagram or Facebook, digital ads can be tailored to specific groups. For example, you can target people by gender, interests, education level, or age. The data collected from your ads provides a wealth of information. For instance, what pages or products they viewed and when. Use this data to build and manage ads that target people who are in the market for something you offer.

04. Drive Traffic To Your Website with Email

We’ve written many articles about the effectiveness of email as a powerful marketing tool. But here are two of the main types of email promotions.

  1. Promotional emails. These types of communication highlight specific events, products or service. For example, you might promote a cooking class in your restaurant or a limited time offer on a product.
  2. Email newsletters. In general, newsletters features useful information about your company, upcoming events, etc. They’re useful in driving members to your website to continue reading an article. Or even to take advantage of an offer. Although these don’t usually generate lots of new website visitors, they do drive sales and visitors from existing customers.

05. Attract Your Audience Attention on Social Media

Nowadays, most businesses use social media to post similar content that’s on their website. This includes promotions, articles, or photos. But if you have an e-commerce site, you can also promote a product on social media and drive traffic to it.

Obviously, you’ll need to choose the appropriate social platform that works best for your objective. For instance, Instagram is more appropriate for visual ads, photos, etc. On the other hand, LinkedIn works well for articles and stories.

Albeit every small business owner is busy, making time to promote your website is crucial to your business success. If you build it, will they come? Well, yes, but only if they know your website exists. Consequently, you have to find ways to increase traffic to your site and promote it.

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How To Promote Your Website and Grow Your Business

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