Effective Communication

Tips For Better Interaction

To be successful in many aspects of life, effective communication skills are essential. One of the requirements of many jobs is to have strong communication skills. Generally, people with enhanced communication skills; socially enjoy better interpersonal relationships with co-workers, family and friends. Learn to improve your communication skills with these simple and effective communication tips presentation.

1. Listen

With your eyes as well as with your ears.

2. Be Visible

Interact with people face-to-face. If you’re in a managerial position, take the time to go out into the office and speak with your staff.

3. Encourage

Offer words and actions of encouragement for a job well-done. Being able to interpret a person’s body language or facial expressions, oftentimes you can render an more effective response during conversation with that person.

4. Sympathetic

Be aware of other people’s emotions.

5. Be Authentic

Be distinct and genuine by saying what you mean and mean what you say. Here, you should first think about what you want to say BEFORE you say it.

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