6 Pros and Cons Of AI-Generated Content For Social Media

6 Pros and Cons Of AI-Generated Content For Social Media
With every new advancement in technology comes fear and new possibilities. You might think that this new era of artificial intelligence (AI) is just what your short-staffed social media marketing team needs.

But not so fast. When it comes to AI and allowing it to run a muck on your social channels, you may want to hold off or at least proceed with caution. However, there is an upside. That is, the more monotonous tasks we allow AI to handle, the more time a business has to focus on operations.

Continue reading for the pros and cons of AI-generated content for social media. Why using it can help you focus on more impactful aspects of your business. And why you don’t want to just set it go; so to speak.

What Is AI Generated Content?

AI has been around for years. I’m sure everyone knows Siri and Alexa by now. These digital voice assistants gives us everything from the weather to best lunch spots, to luxury vacations in paradise. It’s all AI at work. And any time you make a purchase on sites like Amazon, there’s a ‘recommended’ product based on your previous purchases. That again, is due to AI.

Automated generated written content is produced by AI content generators. And some tools can even create graphics according specific requirements, in addition to text. So, how does it do that? By searching through a plethora of online documents such as articles, reports, and other available data within seconds.

Pros and Cons of AI-Generated Content For Social Media

Businesses and entrepreneurs are starting to use AI content generators for several reasons. First, these tools offer a range of benefits. And second, they allow the user to create engaging social posts within seconds. While this might seem like the perfect solution for your marketing strategy, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of using AI generators.

  Pros To AI-Generated Content For Social Media

1. Keeps Channels Active

With scheduling apps like Buffer, OneUp or Hootsuite, you can effortlessly maintain an active presence on your social channels using AI content generators. These applications can consistently generate revenant articles and posts tailored to your audience’s interests. By automating publishing and creation, AI ensures you have an online presence, even when your business is going through busy periods.

2. Cost Effective

AI-generated content for social media can save you money if the content is standardized. For instance, if you are own a bake shop and want social media posts with cupcake descriptions. Instead of just listing the features using bullet points, you can use an AI content generator to create a product description. Content is quickly retrieved for use in your digital marketing.

3. Saves Effort and Time

Whether the topic is complex or simple, AI delivers rapid results for content creation. Even the most efficient human writer can spend hours crafting quality marketing materials or blog posts. Conversely, the average AI tool can generate similar content in just a few seconds.

  Cons To AI-Generated Content For Social Media

4. Drop In Google Rankings

When Google devalues content, it means that it’s low-quality or unoriginal content. And this can cause a potential lowering in your search engine rankings. Albeit AI can create content efficiently, if it fails to meet quality standards, or lacks relevance and originality, Google may devalue it. As such, the content may rank lower in search results, thus reducing its effectiveness and visibility.

5. Language Barriers

Cultural nuances and linguistic accuracy are challenges AI generators experience. Even though AI assists in translation, it may not always capture the context or subtleties of language. Obviously, this leads to potentially awkward phrasings or misinterpretations. Consequently, human intervention is generally necessary to ensure that content is accurately translated, as well as contextually appropriate and culturally sensitive.

6. Plagiarism Concerns

When employing AI generators, plagiarism can be a factor. If these tools pull too heavily from existing sources, there’s a risk of unintentional plagiarism. For this reason, it’s a good practice to review and edit AI generated content to add a human touch and originality. You should always maintain a good balance between automation and human oversight.

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6 Pros and Cons Of AI-Generated Content For Social Media

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