Be Careful Who Posts To Your Social Media

Envisager Studio helps our small business clients by managing the social networks that matter most to shoppers. Each business gets a unique marketing plan. Plus, we make it lively with 1-2 posts per week on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Engaging with users across the most used social platforms gets more eyes on your products and services. This makes it possible for users to spread word-of-mouth. Additionally, it creates opportunities for your business to start conversations with current and potential customers.

Your content on social platforms; Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in particular has a lot of power. For example, it gets your followers excited about and familiar with your business offers.

So, it’s crucial what and who posts to your social media.

Who Posts To Your Social Media?

Be careful who posts to your social media. Yes, it’s true that a professional social media company can save your business oodles of time posting to your social media. But, how apt are they? Do they make an effort to understand your business, products and services?

And what are the dynamics of that company? You make be putting your business’ future into the hands of millennials. Oftentimes, they may know little or nothing about your business.

So, if your business is about a Peruvian restaurant. You could end up with a Facebook post like this:

Be Care Who Posts To Your Social Media

When it should be like this:

Be Care Who Posts To Your Social Media

Business Representation When Posting To Social Media

The first post above (wrong image) is clearly inappropriate for the restaurant industry. Frankly, it’s not the content my agency would post to clients that follow our business. Plus, in addition to the image being ill-suited, it’s not well thought out.

Additionally, some professional social media companies promote their own URLs. And, you’ll get a client hub website. We think this is bad marketing as you’ll end up with two websites representing your business online. Your own main website and the hub website.

You also have to consider what happens if you leave their service. They will shut down the hub site without redirecting it to your main website! This causes a lot of bad links such as ‘page not found’, ‘site has been removed’, etc. for your business online.

Not all social media companies are bad. If you are looking for a knowledgeable social media company, give Envisager Studio a call.

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