Is Web Design Still In Demand For 2022?

It’s difficult to predict the future of web design for the next 10 years. But what we do know is that the demand for web design has never been more of a priority. Because web technology moves fast, people get trapped into thinking their current tech will remain the same in 5 years.

However, that’s likely not going to happen. In fact, the next five years will bring significant changes in web technology. Some of which are evident today. Besides the fact that unattractive websites are ignored, there are advanced components websites are now expected to contain.

Is Web Design Still In Demand For 2022?

Absolutely. Web design is in great demand in 2022. In fact, businesses who didn’t have a website during the pandemic suffered the most financially. These businesses had no other method of selling products or services during lockdown. Obviously, most of them have since learned the value of having a website. Not to mention, understanding why web design is in such high demand.

If you really think about it, the entire world relies on some type of website for everyday tasks. Most of us do our shopping online including weekly groceries. When we need to fix something or find someone to fix it for us, we search the web. And what is the type of content that is returned in our search query? A website, of course.

For this reason and others, the demand for web design extremely high. Thus, skilled web designers are more in demand than ever before with the need increasing every year. In fact, the employment of web designers and developers is projected to grow almost 15% by 2028. This rate is much faster than the average for all occupation.

So, what’s causing this demand for web design surge. Besides the obvious that 85% of people spend 7 hours online everyday, it’s due to the growing popularity of mobile apps. Not to mention, ecommerce.

Will Website Builders Change The Future Of Web Design?

The correct answer is no, website builders will not change the future of web design. At least not for businesses who are interested in one-of-a-kind, professional looking websites. Remember the days of the old MySpace? It started off being a nice place to view music artists’ profiles. Then it was opened up to the public where any type of business could create a space. Next, came the customizing features where users where allowed to personalize their space.

The result? A hot, ugly mess. Consequently, web design is still in high demand because not everyone can do it. And this also applies to website builders. Just because you can drag and drop a few pics onto the screen. Add some text with non-complementing fonts and no idea what a color scheme is. Do not make for a website design in the truest meaning of the word.

Another incorrect statement is the one about ‘anyone can create a website using WordPress’. Yes, the backend interface is very intuitive. But so is the inside of my car. But would I try my hand at building a 318 BMW from the ground up myself? Probably not.

There is a huge difference between professional sites and non-professional sites. A business that’s satisfied with a random looking beach bum site is not one that’s going to get much business.

YouTube has a plethora of tutorials on how to fix a house roof. And stores sell lumber and concrete to everyone. But people still hire professional roofers to fix their roofs. If web design is not your business, perhaps it’s best to focus on running your business instead. After all, you’re an expertise at doing that. A web design agency can ensure your expertise is boosted in a professional website design. And that’s a win win for you and your business.

The Future Of Web Design

A previously hit upon, many businesses had to shut their doors permanently in 2020. We’re not saying that a website is a savior of all catastrophes, but it does give you options. An option that can help your business stay afloat should your brick-and-mortar become unavailable.

The future of web design is brightly lit. New businesses need websites as well as old businesses wanting to improve their existing websites. With the constant advances in web technology, websites must also evolve.

Therefore, your business needs to start thinking about how it wants to be ready when significant changes are implemented. For instance, web accessibility for WCAG and ADA compliance will become mandatory for all sites. Thus, the future of your web design will depend on a skilled web developer.

Currently, Google is encouraging developers to design and build products and applications with accessibility in mind. Previous recommendations and encouragements from Google dictates that accessibility will become mandatory. But for now, Google says website accessibility is not a direct ranking factor because it’s difficult to quantify. Expect that to change in the future.

To build a web-based business, you’ll need a web development agency with skills, expertise, and creativity. And we are such a company that can develop technologies and tools to help your business grow. Let’s talk about how we can make your online presence amazing!

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Is Web Design Still In Demand For 2022?

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