Grow Your Business With These eCommerce Marketing Strategies

Regardless of your industry, passion alone won’t help you find your customers. But effective ecommerce marketing strategies will.

There are billions of people who need products and services. If you send out effective signals, they will find you. Acquaint yourself with tools like SMS text message marketing and social media marketing. Also ecommerce email marketing, and other strategies to learn what works best for your business. You’ll be able to move your shop from internet insignificance to one that’s highly trafficked.

What Is eCommerce Marketing?

eCommerce marketing entails using promotional methods that drive traffic to your website and increase sales. And the benefits are evident. It connects your business with new customers. Reconnects you with people who are already patrons. Not to mention, building your brand.

Whether user-generate content, social media or content marketing, you probably already have ample ecommerce marketing tools at your disposal. While each tool is effective, successful ecommerce marketing strategies include a marketing blend. For example, messages and channels to reach your audience where they are, and appropriate time to engage with them.

eCommerce Marketing Strategies

You first need to establish your goals before diving into marketing. That is, what are trying to achieve with your marketing campaign? So, consider these common goals before devising a strategy:

  • Retaining more existing customers
  • Reducing the number of customers who abandon their carts
  • Engaging a wider audience
  • Reducing customer turnover on your website

Knowing what you want to achieve helps you pick strategies that target the right customer with the right message. After you’re comfortable with the different tools and strategies, you’ll use them all. But to keep the process manageable, start with a specific goal.

To get you started with your campaigns, here are 3 ecommerce marketing strategies promotional ideas to try:

1. Make Posts Shoppable

eCommerce Marketing Strategies - Shoppable Posts

Not only does shoppable posts add excitement to your posts, but they also bring people to your website. These posts of your products have clickable links and labels that direct people to specific items. For example, if you operating a clothing store, create a shoppable post featuring different outfits from your catalog. Tag each product with a link to these items. If someone wants the shoes in the post, they can click it and add it to their cart.

Instagram enabled shoppable posts several years ago. Now you can also create shoppable on Pinterest. However, you must sign up as a verified merchant so that you can pin your products. Next, tag your shoppable pins and link them to your shop.

2. Run a Contest

eCommerce Marketing Strategies - Run a Contest

Another excellent ecommerce marketing campaign idea is to run a social media contest. Use a branded hashtag to help social media users discover your ecommerce shop. You could also have every person tag at least one other user as part of the entry rules. This helps expand your network as well as introduce yourself to people you don’t know.

Take the contest a step further ensuring its success by offering an enticing prize. It could be a gift card, an item from your shop, or a different type of giveaway.

3. eCommerce Newsletters

eCommerce Email Newsletter

The beauty of ecommerce marketing strategies that includes email marketing is that everyone has one. Whether business or personal, almost every person on the planet has an email address. With an ecommerce newsletter, you get to add value for your readers. Generally speaking, they probably have other newsletter subscriptions, so yours will stand out from the pack.

In the above newsletter, the subject line is ‘Claim your free welcome gift’. The subject line uses actionable language (claim) while emphasizing the value the user gets (free welcome gift). And there’s also a sense of implied urgency as we don’t know when this offer expires. Unless, of course, we open the email.

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Grow Your Business With These eCommerce Marketing Strategies

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