6 Effective Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

One of the main objectives of an online presence is to drive traffic to your website. Otherwise, what’s the point of having a website if no one is visiting it? So, you’ve put in the work to build a website that represents your brand.

Then comes the most important next step – driving traffic to it. In addition to generating more leads, when you drive traffic to your website you also generate sales and conversions. And even the slightest uptick in traffic can impact the bottom line.

While there are many methods for bringing site traffic, we’ll discuss just 6 of them in this article.

Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

There are both paid and free ways to drive traffic to your website. From retargeting to search engine optimization. So let’s look at directing traffic to your site using 6 proven methods.

01. Write Meaningful Content

One of the best free ways to direct traffic to your website is through organic content. And this type of content is unpaid, yet users can find it through keyword search. It can be created as a resource page, blog or knowledge base on your website. If you create a blog, write posts using questions, keywords and phrases relevant to the post and your website.

Also, optimize posts for SEO by including high volume keywords in your URL, meta description, header, and text. The goal is to have your posts rank top on first page of search results. When that happens, you may get hundreds of clicks per month from a single post. Besides, the first five organic results accounts for 67.5% of all clicks on the first page.


  • How-to post
  • Complete guide
  • FAQ post
  • What is
  • Comparison article

02. Retarget To Previous Website Visitors

This way of driving traffic to your website uses a paid method. Since you’ve worked hard getting interested visitors to your website, let’s explore how to bring them back. First, if they leave without converting, retarget them with an ad.

Second, use tracking pixels and cookies in ad images and banners to retarget your visitors. For example, create ads that shows them the last thing they saw on your site such as an incomplete order.

In a word, retargeting increases the likelihood of that visitor converting by 42%. To start retargeting, use the Google Ad Network, Pinterest ad, Facebook pixel, or other retargeting platform.

03. Submit Your Site To Online Directories

Even though these review sites and directories are free, exert a little caution here. Don’t just submit your website to directories that are spammy. Ultimately, that will cause more harm than good to your own website.

Instead, choose directories that have value and proven to be beneficial to your goals. The benefit to submitting your site to directories is that you’ll gain another link to your website. As a result, you could improve your SEO.

It’s a straightforward process to submit your site to online directories. In fact, here are a few such directories that may interest you:

Of course, there’s also the obvious directions. For instance, Google My Business, Yelp, Bing, Yahoo, Yellow Page, and tons more. Another benefit of site submission is that your info comes up when someone is searching within your content categories.

04. Publish Evergreen Posts

Evergreen content are timeless articles. Similar to plants that stay green year-round, evergreen posts are like gifts that keeps on giving. Specifically, how-to posts and list posts are the two most evergreen content formats.

As your evergreen posts rank for your high volume keywords, you can consistently drive more traffic to your website.

05. Consider Guest Blogging

Since you’re already writing articles for your own website, why not spread the joy. Besides, guest blogging can increase your website traffic almost instantly. When you guest post, you gain a link back to your website from another site that’s hosting your content. Not only is this smart marketing, but it’s also great for your visibility.

The key to the guest blogging is to choose the platforms wisely. Given that search engines may reward your domain if your site has backlinks, make sure they are from trusted sites. Otherwise, as stated in #3 above, this connection could prove more harmful than beneficial to your site.

So the benefit of guest posting is gain backlinks, better domain ranking, and recognition as an authority in your field.

06. Use Internal Linking To Drive Traffic To Your Website

When you include links in a page or post to other sections within your site, that’s called ‘internal linking’. By doing this, you’re sending link juice to other articles or pages in your site.

And when a post gets several backlinks, this signals search engines that the article page is important.

If you’re looking to drive more traffic to your website, we can help. Call our team at (858) 874-6528 or contact us online for a free consultation to discuss your goals.

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6 Effective Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

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