Why Use WordPress For Web Design?

I attended a web design-related event some months ago regarding the now well-established WordPress website/blog building platform. It prompted me to write a blog post about WordPress and why it has become so popular. During the event, the speaker talked about how many clients of web designers request websites made in WordPress without really knowing exactly why to use it. And, what it means for the client to have a website built on that platform.

WordPress is web-based software built by hundreds of developers from all around the world. This highly successful and user-friendly blog and website software is an ongoing project. It can be used to create a non-hosted website (using your own paid domain name and hosting services), which is supported via WordPress.org or a free, hosted blog on WordPress.com. When creating a blog and/or website, the user can select from pre-made themes which are automatically installed with the software. These themes are very basic, but they can be altered by the user from the “dashboard” back-end interface. There are other fun and helpful tools such as: CSS coding options, moderate amount of built-in security, globalization capabilities, search engine optimization, and much more.

Another great benefit of this CMS websites and blogs is the utilization of widgets and plug-ins. These add extra functionality and design to your theme. For example: Facebook, news feeds, and anything that is updated frequently, plug-ins will serve as a window to those updates on the website. This makes sites more functional and because many of the themes are already designed with places for widgets and plug-ins, adding them to the site often does not interfere with the overall website design.

The functionality of this CMS doesn’t stop there. If a designer is able to collaborate with a developer versed in PHP and the ins and outs of WordPress website design, then the sky is the limit. Here at Envisager Studio, our developer creates custom themes to fit our client’s needs more specifically. The result is a large portfolio of visually stunning and communicative websites that can be created in less time than ever before.


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