Small Business Websites Sales Vehicle

Your business website should serve a greater purpose beyond being an online brochure; it’s your online marketing tool for nurturing relationships and generating leads. Websites that produce quality sales leads have inherent website design that steers a prospect toward a conversation with the sales team. Having premium content to capture contact information is also an important attribute of a lead generating website.

Insightful Website Design

If a small business website is designed properly with forethought, not only builds credibility, but it will serve as a gateway to conversation with your sales team. But, first careful consideration needs to be given to how the content is organized, ease of use for the visitor, and ensuring that the most important information is at the forefront.

Provide Premium Content For The Purpose Of Conversion

An appropriate time to identify premium content that will require the visitor to complete a form to access is when the website is being developed or redesigned. Premium content can be online tools, videos, guides, reports, etc. The creation of your selected premium tools will increase conversion, and the sales team should be capturing the visitors’ contact information so that he/she can follow-up with the visitor to continue the conversation.

Using Social Media As A Lead Nurturing Tool

Some small businesses are not yet comfortable with social media marketing. Through lead nurturing a small business can initiate a successful social media marketing campaign. For every lead captured on your website, an assigned sales person should be connecting with that lead on social media. This allows that sales person to position your small business as expert in your field. The goal is to eventually transition a lead to a paying client after a period of conversations.

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