3 Ways To Use Instagram Video For Business

Discover three ways to use Instagram video for business to boost your brand, timeline and stories with engaging content. Videos can add that little something extra to your Instagram account that help break up your feeds.

While videos are becoming more popular amongst Instagram users, according to the latest data from social media analytics firm NewsWhip, photos still generate higher engagement levels than videos amongst Instagram users. But as you can see from the chart below, videos are definitely gaining momentum.

If videos continue its appeal with Instagram users, based on its current increasing popularity, the gap between photos and videos is likely to continue shrinking.

Instagram Video vs Photo | Envisager Studio

Instagram Video For Business

Many brands have built up an Instagram following over the years using photos and can now tap into that audience using videos instead of starting from scratch. You don’t have to be a big brand though to benefit from Instagram video for business or yourself. Videos can help you show off your social self or strut your business’ products in a way that helps to grab your followers and Instagram users’ attention.

Let’s take a look at brands who are creating impressive videos for their Instagram feeds that may offer inspiration how you can do the same.

Create Instagram Teaser Videos

Texan Wire Wheels Instagram | Envisager Studio

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This teaser video from Texan Wire Wheels is a quick product preview to give customers a taste of what’s coming to their line of wire wheels products. This creates instant interest for their existing customers who already love their 30 Spoke Elbow® Wire Wheels and a connection with viewers who aren’t aware of of their products.

You can make teaser videos about a product launch, your blog posts, or a special promotion.

Show Customer Testimonial Instagram Videos

Instagram Testimonial Video | Envisager Studio

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This customer testimonial video from Uptown New York Style is an excellent example of a customer testimonial video as well as an instructional video. In the video, the customer is holding the actual product as she shares her experience while the hairstylist is showing how the product is used on the customer’s hair. The business content you share on Instagram needs to be short and visually appealing. Video testimonials will help you keep a captive audience on Instagram.

You can use customer testimonial videos to show how customers use your product or show the aftereffects of using your service or having had one of your service treatments.

Awareness Instagram Video

Awareness Instagram Video | Envisager Studio

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While your Instagram video may not get tons of views and comments when first uploaded as indicated by the Ballin’ For Peace video above, sometimes that may not be as relevant to your goal as having it seen by the right people. This is the case with Ballin’ For Peace awareness Instagram video. Through their good works in the community and consistently posting newsworthy content about their organization, they were recognized by the Philadelphia 76ers basketball team and presented with the ‘Hero Among Us’ award during halftime at one of the 76ers’ games. Ballin’ For Peace is a nonprofit organization who provides alternative activities to gangs and violence by hosting their own basketball games, educational workshops and other community events around the California and Philadelphia areas.

You can use awareness videos to draw attention to your own organization, other organization causes and events.

Wrapping It Up

These three ways to use Instagram for business should provide marketing inspiration to help you get started with your own video marketing efforts on Instagram. Let us know how we can help you with your marketing needs. Get in touch with our marketing team today at (858) 874-6528 or get a quote.

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3 Ways To Use Instagram Video For Business3 Ways To Use Instagram Video For Business

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