The Top 5 Essential Elements Of Website Design

The essential elements of website design consists of more than just aesthetics and visual elements. In fact, your website design and layout effect your entire web presence.

Knowing what the essential elements of web design is doesn’t make the process less tedious. Even though most beginners can recognize what makes a good website, conjuring the ideal layout from scratch seldom happens.

And professional web designers all hope for that magic combination of structure, codes and colors when beginning a site design. Otherwise, it’ back to the drawing board filled with frustration and imagination.

Working Towards The Essential Elements Of Website Design

Albeit designing a website is a complicated and sometimes frustrating process, it’s definitely worth getting it exactly right. And this holds true for so many reasons. First, not having the essential elements of website design affects your SEO. Second, your website is the place where your audience develops a perception of your brand. And third, your site’s design and layout impacts your entire web presence.

Whether you’re redesigning your website or starting from scratch, there are a few rules that apply. Below, we’ll cover a few essential elements of web design. When properly implemented, can enhance your business online visibility.

  1. Visual Appearance

Given that consumers spend hours surfing the web, your site should be visually appealing when reached. In addition to that, consideration must be given to multimedia, colors, and other related visual components.

If you’re still contemplating whether to hire a web design agency, consider using a minimalistic design in the meantime. Minimalism in design is useful for impactful arranged content, strategically geared to entice the user.

  2. Quick Processing Time

The internet is a fast-paced environment. As such, customers have become accustomed to getting what they need and want quickly. For example, purchasing shoes on your website should not become a project in itself.

One of the essential elements of web design is speed. This refers to both how quickly a customer gets through checkout, as well as your site speed. With this in mind, having the right hosting solution is critical for your website’s success. After all, you don’t want customers feeling as though they’re making the products themselves because your site is slow.

Consequently, be mindful of your graphic sizes, video load time, and other components customers uses. Generally speaking, paying $110 a month for premium hosting services may not be financially feasible for your business. Therefore, ensure that your web designer knows how to efficiently work with what you have.

  3. Navigation

Nothing frustrates a user more than not having proper tools to navigate your website. Thus, a prominently display navigation menu is one of the top essential elements of website design.

It’s also a good idea to include sidebar submenus on long scrolling pages. But definitely include them in your online store, particularly if you have lots of products. Additionally, sitemaps are also useful to visitors in finding their way back to where they were.

  4. Typography and Colors

Another important element of web design is your site’s typography (fonts) and colors. In general, you should always use your brand colors and fonts. These types of elements are usually provided by the agency that creates your style guide.

Generally, it’s not wise to deviate from your style guide. For example, using playful fonts on your site as a law firm, while the style guide dictates serif fonts. In essence, use your brand’s components for both digital and print.

  5. Content

It’s important that your content exudes trustworthiness and professionalism. After all, would you buy a $4,000 Mac computer from a haphazard-looking website with displaced content? Of course not. So, consider that point when designing your website. Besides, you’ll only get one time to make a first great impression.

Your content; copy and visuals, should be complementary of a company capable of delivering top-notch products and services. Needless to say, your content and how it’s presented is one of the essential elements of web design.

Another point to make here is consistently in creating and sharing content. After you’ve fine-tuned the general areas of your site, start creating content to share. And a great place to start is on your website’s blog. There you can create articles worthy of being shared on social media platforms.

Wrapping It Up

Having a strong online presence, starting with your website design, is considered an essential part of doing business. All you need to do now is partner with the right web design agency to ensure your marketability.

To get started with having the best website design in San Diego, contact us at Envisager Studio. We will design a modern, SEO optimized website that perfectly represents your brand.

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The Top 5 Essential Elements Of Website Design

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