Top 3 Web Design Trends in 2021 You Need To Know

Creating a website serves as a digital representation of your business and it should dazzle your visitors. The latter should be accomplished to achieve a good first impression. The web is inundated with interesting information, and your website needs to stand out in order to grab visitor’s attention. Additionally, it needs to be engaging so that they devour your content.

No matter your industry, there are three golden rules of website design. It should be aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate, and contain relevant information to tell your story. But don’t forget that your website design process should be inspiring and evoke emotion. And the influential world of web design is an excellent source of inspiration.

Web Design Trends in 2021

Web design trends from year to year are always compared. And web design in 2021 will expand the horizons of the past. This is a cumulative effort made possible by innovative technologies and intuitive tools. 2021 will be a year for continued responsive design, new solutions, aesthetic extremes, and originality.

Peruse the web, get inspired, and give serious thought to the following web design trends for a unique site in 2021.

01. Asymmetric Layouts

Asymmetric Web Design Layout

Website layouts forms the structure for your pages’ visual elements. And while symmetry is the obvious default, it’s time to introduce a little anarchy in your web design. But this doesn’t mean foregoing visual balance for your website layout.

In fact, asymmetric layouts have several advantages. In addition to allowing for more design freedom, the results are more daring and dynamic. Asymmetry is often misunderstood and associated with a lack of balance. This couldn’t be further from the truth as every website can have visual balance irrespective of symmetry.

So, in order to achieve visual harmony through asymmetry, you must consider the design elements’ color, size, and placement. If you need help mastering this web design trend on your site, get in touch. Our team would love to help you.

02. Vector Art

Vector Art in Web Design Trend 2021

Unique graphics not only adds to the appearance, they are also useful visual navigational elements. Adding graphic images that increases your site load time should be avoided at all costs. There are many ways to reduce the file size before uploading and after uploading the graphic. The file size can significantly be reduced using programs like Photoshop and online services such Image Compressor. Plus, reduce it further by installing TinyPNG plugin on your WordPress website.

Also, consider the quality of graphics without increasing site load time. Using the SVG file format allows users to scale your visuals according to their needs. And the quality of the original graphics is maintained.

These fun, illustrative graphics web design trends in 2021 are a good way to enhance your site. Whether you opt for an asymmetric layout or something else, you’ll find vector art useful.

03. Animation Web Design Trends in 2021

Animation in Web Design

Animation has been popular in web design and online ads for many years. And the fact that it’s here to stay is a good thing, because it adds an exciting aspect to websites.

With animation, site visitors get an enhance experience from usual scrolling for information. From simple animated elements to a full animated background, these effects work to make a great first impression for users.

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