The Best Way To Boost Your Salon or Spa Marketing and Rock On Social Media

When we look back 10 years, to boost your salon marketing and rock on social media wasn’t extremely difficult. Today, with the growing number of hair salons, beauty salons, medical spa, and day spa businesses, competition is steep. And to get the attention of your audience on social media is significantly challenging.

Notably, many salon and spa owners are devoting time and effort into social media. Unfortunately, they are not seeing their invested time translate into business growth or new clients.

And this is completely understandable. Social media can be mind-boggling.

But, how do you boost your salon or spa on social media and escape the noise to thump your competition?

Whether a new business or established, here are a few ways to market your salon or spa on social media.

Establishing Goals Help Boost Your Hair Salon Marketing

First things first. Before you can establish marketing goals for your hair salon, you need to identify your audience. Who are you marketing to and what’s their motivation? Additionally, understanding how they communicate will assist you in creating content that actually resonates with them.

Therefore, it’s important to create a “customer persona”. This concept entails creating a semi-fictional representation of your most desired customers. Customer persona or buyer persona is not the same as “target audience”. They are two different parts of a marketing strategy that help you boost marketing for your hair salon or spa.

Target audiences is a particular group of people targeted by your marketing and advertising. It’s a list of demographic traits shared by your business’ customers. These traits can include annual income, gender, location, etc.

Customer personas (buyer personas) are a bit more focused. While a target audience defines a group of consumers, a customer persona hones in to examine specific members of that group.

You can use them to obtain deeper understanding of your customers’ buying process. For this reason, personas can be helpful in determining how to effectively market to each type of person.

Now, back to establishing goals to boost your hair salon marketing. It’s important to know where you’re going, otherwise you’re never reach your destination. And in marketing, if you don’t know why you’re doing something, you’ll never accomplish your goals.

So, why is your salon or spa on social media? Are you there to:

  • Post to get feedback or likes on your work?
  • Recruit staff for your salon or spa?
  • Create awareness of your brand?
  • Increase your following and become an influencer?
  • Get new clients for your salon or spa?
  • Delight your existing customers with offers and updates to keep them loyal?

After you have established your social media marketing goal, it’s time to implement marketing tactics to boost your salon or spa.

Ideas To Boost Your Hair Salon or Spa Marketing

Occasionally, when a new salon owner calls in, he or she says, “We tried everything, but nothing is working”. I’m all smiles inside because I know what they’re really saying. What they mean by “nothing is working” is that they’ve tried a few things and failed.

What I enjoy most about digital marketing is that it has no limitations. Because there are always more ideas, more ways to show or express something, marketing is boundless.

If you’re looking for ideas to promote your salon or spa, we can help you with that. But you have to be open-minded and receptive to new ideas. Are you ready to get get started? Call us today at (858) 874-6528 or get in touch online.

Don’t be discouraged if you have tried marketing and failed. If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. Besides, how do you think your salon or spa marketing competitors are dominating social media? Most likely, their many first attempts failed, but they kept trying. Thus, eventually got good at it.

However, if you don’t have the time or staff to promote your salon or spa, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

With that said, here are 3 inspiring marketing ideas for your salon or spa to get you started today!

1. Facebook Marketing For Your Salon or Spa

Facebook Marketing for Salon or Spa

Facebook is still the reigning king of social media with over 2.3 billion active users. Plus, it’s the platform on which users spend the most time. Therefore, it’s a highly effective tool you can use to attract new clients to your salon or spa.

But, Facebook is no longer like it was in the good old days. Ten years ago, all you had to do was create a page, post to that page, and reach your followers. You can still do that, but unfortunately, you won’t reach many people.

At its core, Facebook is designed for family and friends to share photos and updates with each other. So, for businesses like your salon or spa to reach new clients, you’ll have to buy your popularity. Because without using Facebook paid advertisement, you’ll only reach a few of your pages’ loyal fans.

Facebook Ads For Salon or Spa

Using Facebook Ads To Get New Salon or Spa Clients

Facebook holds an enormous amount of data about people. From demographics to age to how they behave to their interests, and much more. Consequently, you can use this data to your advantage to advance your salon and spa business.

Additionally, utilizing Facebook targeted ads feature is extremely advantageous. In fact, you can upload your own data such as an existing customer list. Then, target people that are similar to the people on your list. The possibilities are boundless.

Not only does Facebook ad program have great features, but it’s also an affordable form of marketing. When planned and executed strategically, you can get new clients for about $10.

2. Promote Your Salon or Spa on Instagram

Marketing Your Salon or Spa on Instagram

As most of you probably already know, Instagram is owned by Facebook. And it has become a very popular platform on which to advertise your products and services. Especially for the beauty, wellness, and clothing industries. Plus, it’s highly visual, so you can really make your spa and hair salon work pop.

In contrast to Facebook, your Instagram posts will actually get seen by your followers. Although not to everyone, posts are seen by a much larger following than on Facebook. Therefore, the more you post on Instagram, the more people will see your posts.

Also, Instagram is geared more towards a younger audience. And, it’s a robust platform to reach potential clients and showcase what your salon or spa can do for them. But keep in mind that vivid, uncluttered images are critical on Instagram.

Boost Spa Marketing on Instagram

Marketing Your Salon or Spa on Instagram

One of the best features of this platform is Instagram Shoppable Posts. Your account has to be approved for Instagram Shopping to feature products in posts and stories. Previously, the only way to sell products on Instagram was to include a link in your bio or stories.

Currently, shoppable posts are not available to brands in every country. But for brands in the U.S., France, UK, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Spain, Italy, and Germany, you can score big. One of the main requirements though, is that your account must be converted to business.

Make sure that you comply with Instagram’s merchant agreement. Plus, their commerce policies also.

3. Launch a Salon or Spa Chatbot

Chatbot for Salon or Spa Marketing

Chatbots are bots that can be used online or offline. They are programmed to give adaptive and self-acting responses. Mostly, they’re used to improve customer service. There are various types of Chatbots. The most common and simplest is the scripted bot. You can create default responses to possible questions it will receive.

They can be very useful for salons and spas. For example, if your Facebook page is overflowing with frequently asked questions, a chatbot can answer them. Where are you located? Or, what time do you close? Are common questions people ask.

Also, you can have the bot schedule appointments on Facebook. Alternatively, if you’re not comfortable with using bots for that, you can simply refer clients to your booking page.

Additionally, using chatbots with Facebook ads is not difficult to do. That way you can start a quick chat with people who comment on your ad. Then, turn your commenters into people who want to grab your offer.

Wrapping It Up

Marketing your salon or spa can be exasperating, perplexing, and sometimes discouraging. Especially if you feel like you you’re constantly failing at it. The thing to remember is to have clear thinking about what you want to achieve on social media. And, to create a strategic marketing plan.

There are more than just the two social media platforms that we mentioned above that are suitable for salons and spas. However, you shouldn’t try to use them all at once. Take the time to build a notable and professional presence on just one to start. Then, after you’ve perfected your skill, try another platform that’s suitable for your beauty business.

I welcome the opportunity to hear about your salon or spa social media marketing experience. Let me know in the comments section below. Good luck, and remember our team is always here to assist you with marketing and your online presence.

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Gregory is the Analyst & Digital Marketing Director at Envisager Studio. His data collection is an important part of each client’s unique website design and social media strategy. In his spare time, he writes about web design analytics, social media, visual marketing, and social influence.

The Best Way To Boost Your Salon or Spa Marketing and Rock On Social Media

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