Uptown New York Style Hair Salon

Located in Solana Beach, California, Uptown New York Style Hair Salon was founded by mother and daughter Louticia Grier and Cecelia Johnson in 1999. Fast forward a few years, and Cecelia was looking for the best hair salon website design to take her business to the next level. The Envisager Studio team needed to redesign the logo and branding to create a website that complemented the aesthetics of the salon’s interior space.

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Best Hair Salon Website Design | Envisager Studio
Best Hair Salon Websites | Envisager Studio

About the project

The main objective of this project was to establish the best hair salon website that conveyed an inviting and comfortable environment and design. The Envisager Studio web design team was entrusted with producing a pleasing visual combination and user experience. Concurrently, the team also needed to avoid an overly elite atmosphere. The result is a visually appealing website that highlights the services and products.

Logo + branding

Using a symbol and text combination, the Uptown New York Style logo design is a richly colored creation. The best hair salon website will also include brand colors and design style that are used in the logo. In addition to achieving that, the logo is minimalistic with more focus on the brand name. For the color, Envisager Studio graphics team chose a deep plum color to complement the website which is also accented with a harvest gold color.
Logo Design for Hair Salon | Envisager Studio
Best Hair Salon Website Design by Envisager Studio

Best hair salon website design

We started the design with an animation of manikins sporting some of the hair systems that the brand makes and hairstyles they create. By using Uptown’s products in the top area of the site, it gives visitors an idea of what can be found in their online store. As you scroll the homepage, we incorporated more hairstyles as well as featured haircare products. The Envisager Studio web design team also used photos of their real customers as buttons linked to their content.

Many of the best hair salon websites also showcase testimonials in the design. As such, reviews are front and center in addition to a dedicated reviews page. Moreover, all content is harmonized with the design aesthetic and follow best practices of search engine optimization.

Marketing services

Blog posts are one of the least expensive ways to marketing a website. As such, our marketing for this brand consists of monthly, highly SEO optimized blog posts as well as email marketing. This website is consistently at top of search result pages (SERPs). Not not only for its industry, but also the articles drive traffic to the website. There is no hidden agenda with services and prices. For these reasons, both existing and potential clients enjoy visiting and perusing the website.
Best Hair Salon Website Design | Envisager Studio

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