Magnolia Medical & Aesthetics

Magnolia Medical & Aesthetics (MMA) is a MedSpa located in San Antonio, Texas. They chose Envisager Studio to development a scalable medical spa website design for their practice. MMA provides its patients with a personable, unique treatment experience. This MedSpa offers a comprehensive list of products and services to meet the needs of just about every patient. Presenting a graceful balance of opulence and approachability, MMA is one of the best Envisager Studio website designs to date.

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Medical Spa Website Design by Envisager Studio
Medical Spa Websites by Envisager Studio

About the project

The Magnolia Medical & Aesthetics brand draws its inspiration from the magnolia flower. Depending on its color, the flower symbolizes, youth, strength, purity, and stability. When our Envisager Studio team accepted this medical spa website design project, we aimed to mirror those unique qualities. Their brand is not pretentious, but rather a distinctive wealth that draws it strength from an amalgamation of high-end aesthetics and an unassuming interaction style. Using the magnolia flower as a source of inspiration, our design and content team began creating the brand and suffusing it with the level of refinement that MMA was looking for.

Best medical spa website design

Conceivably, the most distinguished feature of Magnolia Medical & Aesthetics (MMA) website is the use of the color white. Together with incorporating movement, the Envisager Studio team was able to create a medical spa website that is both solid and entertaining in design. The use of large-sized photos and pale color as separators, formalizes Magnolia Medical’s presence while at the same time, invites viewers to interact with the content.

Albeit our team used many interactive elements, we were careful that they do not hinder functionality. MMA offers a robust and smooth experience with detailed information on the many treatments the practice offers. Each of the 34 treatment pages is populated with seo-rich content using the ideal keywords. By and large, the reciprocation of rich content and visual style allows MMA to hold its front-page status in many Google search results.
Medical Spa Website Design by Envisager Studio
MedSpa Website Design | Envisager Studio

Marketing services

With a robust medical spa website design, Magnolia Medical & Aesthetics also chose Envisager Studio for content marketing, SEO maintenance, and email marketing. Due to our marketing efforts, the brand has seen an average monthly website traffic increase of 18%, and 1,126 monthly unique visitors. Given these points, the metrics have resulted in a notable increase in Magnolia Medical’s bottom line. As such, our marketing team look forward to consistently advancing our strategic approach to establish Magnolia as the best MedSpa in Texas.

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