Reputation Management: Empower Your Brand Online

Reputation management should be the goal of every business be it small, medium or enterprise. Businesses that previously used marketing budget for print and radio, now direct those dollars to internet marketing.

Reputation Management Online

The internet has grown to be one of the most powerful marketing mediums in history. The number of internet users and time spent by users online is astounding. Today’s savvy web users are smart multitaskers who not only use social media for leisure and purchases, but also as a learning tool.

A classic example of social media impact and brand positioning is Barack Obama. He went from a little known Senator to become a household name and won the Presidential election. Major success factors for his victory was campaigning through social media and technology. Not only did he use both for raising campaign funds, but also to create an engaging community. This community of ever-growing supporters and volunteers help pave the way for his success.

During the campaign, President Obama had over 2.5 million Facebook supporters, 50+ million viewers on YouTube, and over 115,00 Twitter followers. That’s how you empower your brand online!

But what happens when social media turns hostile?
The internet provides an extensive platform for people to express their views and share their experiences with rest of world. The viral effect which is an advantage of promoting brands online is a double edge sword. A single negative opinion, post or feedback can stake a firm in billions, not to mention tarnish its reputation online.

This is what was faced by Nestle several years ago. GreenPeace (an environment protection group) posted a video clip on YouTube which suggested that a key ingredient of Nestle’s KitKat Bar was palm oil. And that using it in their product was a leading cause for destruction of rain forests. Nestle tried to curb this video, but instead it only incited more people to raise their voices against their brand.

Online Reputation Management

When a brand is ousted online, it doesn’t mean they can’t ever recover. It takes diligence, sometimes product and service revisions, but definitely online reputation management. If handled wrong, the backlash from customers and organizations can be so severe, that it could take years to recover.

Comments and feedback on social media can get ugly quick. One way to combat this is to start your own blog. Use it to write about company culture, products and service benefits, and more. In addition to being proactive to users comments on social media, you can direct them to your blog for more details. This way you can better address their concerns and direct them to articles, videos, etc. that are pertinent.

Wrapping It Up

These stories are evidence to indicate the impact of online reputation management and the effects it can have on your company’s sales. Social media is a great marketing tool, but the real power lies in the hands of your prospective customers. That’s why it’s so important that you diligently manage your online reputation in order to empower your brand.

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Reputation Management: Empower Your Brand Online

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