GenZ Finding Joy In Using Social Search Instead Of Google

GenZ Finding Joy In Using Social Search Instead Of Google
There’s a new search boss in town, and once again the digital landscape is shifting due to a thundering crowd. But what’s all this commotion about? GenZ is finding joy in using social search to hunt down products, content, and just about everything imaginable.

Social media’s gutsy move into the arena of online search and discovery is pretty ballsy, considering they’re up against Google the giant. But social platforms are stepping away from being just a playground for sharing date night pics, funny videos and dance moves. Instead, they’re becoming innovators for how users are using social to search for whatever they want.

How using social search is starting a revolution

This is not just a transient trend, but rather a serious and enthusiastic user behavior evolution. Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok – these platforms are now where people go to track down the new, the now, and the next. Here’s why:

  • Curated just for you. By promising discovery experiences customized to their past likes, tastes, and who they’re following, social platforms are pulling users in. It’s personalization taken to the nth degree, making every find feel as though it was meant just for them.
  • Photo lens fancy search. With Pinterest leading the way, using lens is similar to Amazon Lens. Find a beautiful black dress. Simply upload a photo, and booyah, you’re browsing through a gallery of options. It’s monumental for visual-centric industries.
  • Influencers as pacesetters. Due to their established credibility in a specific industry, these content creators have access to a large audience. As such, their content has the power to persuade others on social media through their authenticity and reach.

Adjusting marketing strategies for the social search epoch

As marketers, we must reassess our tactical plans to include using social search. Here’s how:

  1. Get a fix on platform search. Do an in-depth exploration of the inner workings for each social platform’s search. Mobilize the best keywords, tags, and hashtags to make your brand pop up like clapping hands in a crowd of content.
  2. Support user-generated content. User-generated content is valuable because it echos with authenticity, it’s raw and real. Heighten it to build trust and boost your discoverability.
  3. High-performing visuals. With visual search soaring, being frugal with visual content is akin to bringing a knife to a gunfight. Level up with top-notch videos, photos, and graphics.
  4. Collaborate with influencers. Find influencers who complement your brand culture. Their affirmations can act like a ray of light, guiding new audiences to your doorstep.
  5. Keep on top of trends. Staying up-to-date with the latest trending topics can propel your brand into the social media spotlight.

Future forward search

The line between using social search and traditional search engines is becoming less clear every day. With machine learning and AI added to the mix, personalized discovery is poised to becoming even smarter and more seamless.

Obviously, as marketers, we must adapt or be left behind. It’s no longer an option, but instead a necessity to navigate the nuances of social search. By being in on this new way of discovery, we can better engage with our audiences in more meaningful ways. Thus, unlocking new opportunities for connecting and growing in the digital forest.

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Gregory Meyer

Gregory is the Analyst & Digital Marketing Director at Envisager Studio. His data collection is an important part of each client’s unique website design and social media strategy. In his spare time, he writes about web design analytics, social media, visual marketing, and social influence.

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GenZ Finding Joy In Using Social Search Instead Of Google

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