6 Basic Things Website Owners Should Know How To Do On Their New Website Design

There are basic things website owners should know how to do on their new website design. However, we always recommend to have a professional web developer build and design business websites. After the new website design is built, professional web developers or website designers usually maintain the site.

But what happens if they are unavailable at the specific time you need something updated? Knowing the basics may help you accomplish simple tasks.

Given these points, here are 6 basic things website owners should know how to do on their new website design.

01. Make Changes To Text On Their New Website Design

This is probably the most fundamental skill you should acquire as a small business website owner. However there’s a different side to this. For the most part, changing text on a WordPress page is relatively simple. Especially if the site is built using one of the basic WordPress default themes.

In reality, professional web developers do not use WordPress default themes such as twenty-twenty, twenty twenty-two, etc. Consequently, you will need to ensure that your web designers have built an interface for you to easily change text on a custom website. And many website owners request this option for their new website design.

02. Website Owners Should Know How To Create A New Page

This one is really tricky. Because if it’s a custom website, as has been noted, a client interface makes it easier for you to edit/add content. Before the arrival of CMS, such as WordPress, adding new pages to your website presented big challenges for site owners.

In fact, if you didn’t have any coding skills, the likelihood of an average client adding pages was non-existent. So, this made it difficult for a novice to add pages to an exiting site. Now, with content management systems, professional web developers and website designers can more easily accommodate clients’ editing needs.

03. Website Designers Make It Easy For Site Owners To Upload Images

Actually, it’s not the website designers who make this process easy, it’s WordPress. There are times when site owners want to change out an image. But before CMS, adding images was another pain point for non-experts and required HTML knowledge.

While you can still use HTML, any of the content management systems makes it easy to embed and manipulate images. Platforms such as WordPress provide options to add images using its interface. Or, you can toggle the text tab and add images manually with code.

04. How To Add A Blog Post

Blogging is an important marketing strategy to any website as it keeps your business relevant and discoverable. It’s recommended that you update your business blog at least once a month to keep Google crawling your site. Of course, it’s more than just writing an article, it must also be optimized for search engines.

And just like adding a page, business owners should be familiar with navigating the backend to create new blog articles. This will enable you to keep your content fresh and continue to feed the Google algorithm to improve your SEO.

05. Embed A Video On Your Website

Video is fast becoming an important element to include in your marketing mix. So, it’s only natural that you should be using them on your website. Learning how to embed videos on your web pages enables you to use popular digital marketing to promote your business. Albeit, this can be one of the trickier of the 6 website design basics. It’s not impossible to do, even for the least tech savvy.

Ultimately, depending on where your video is hosted; YouTube, Vimeo, etc., you’ll probably need to add code to embed it.

06. Add A Form To Your Site

Finally, you should know how to add a form to your site. Obviously, there needs to be a way for visitors to contact your business. Plus, you can capture valuable customer data. In essence, having a form allows you to offer value to visitors for the price of their contact information. But to receive these things, you should ask for their email.

Marketers call this ‘gated content’ and it is a form of lead generation. Therefore, if you don’t have a form on your site, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

Generally speaking, small business owners don’t have lots of extra time to update their sites. This is where Envisager Studio website designers can help you. It doesn’t matter whether or not we built your new website design, we can maintain it for you. Call us today at 858-874-6528 or get in touch online.

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