Website Designer vs. Website Builder: Which Should You Choose?

Website Designer vs. Website Builder: Which Should You Choose?
When it comes to hiring a website designer vs. using a website builder, you want to make the right choice. Your business website is the first impression of your business or brand that users see. For this reason, it should be the best possible digital representation of your online presence.

All websites should have a responsive design, functional, and engaging enough to catch and keep your visitors’ interest. And at the same time, it should deliver an optimal user experience.

In this blog post, I’ll share insights about the differences between website designers versus website builders, and how each affect your site. For more information, call (858) 874-6528 to speak with our team about your website design.

Difference Between A Website Designer vs. A Website Builder

Today’s digital world demands captivating websites for a successful online presence. A poorly designed website is likely to have people clicking the ‘x’ beside the domain name before they’ve even peeped at what you’re offering.

But what’s the best way to get a website; website designer or website builder? Let’s compare and see which is best.

What Is A Website Designer?

A website designer is a trained professional who creates the layout and design of a website. In short, they make a site look good by using design programs to create visual elements. Since website designers are also experts in user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), they can strategically design an intuitive site that’s easy for visitors to navigate.

The Basics Of A Website Builder

Website builders like Wix, Shopify, Squarespace, etc., are web design software that lets you create a site with no coding knowledge. These builders commonly have very specific framed content areas for users to drop content into.

While they offer a variety of pre-made templates, it’s a bit of a nightmare to create custom layouts. Particularly, if you don’t know coding. However, website builders do offer widgets and apps that you can add to your site. Again, you are limited to where they can be placed if you don’t know coding.

Reasons To Hire A Web Designer

Any business looking to make an impact should be able to present a website that’s equally as impressive as the business itself. Deliver a weak website and the competition will eat you alive.

Working with a web designer means working with an actual human being, not a tool. This means that you’ll be getting the perk of human touch and precise attention to detail, as well as a custom result that no one else has.

This is a factor lost with a builder and could be the difference between a good website and an incredible one. A designer will bring the extra “oomph” to your projects by helping you achieve things a builder can’t.

Ready For Your New Website?

When it comes to website designer vs. website builder, the choice is obvious. And hopefully, this article has helped you become more informed about both options. Websites are like buildings in a downtown city. The most beautiful and well-designed will stand out above the others. So, if you decide to use a website builder, be creative and bold.

But if you want your new website to be nothing short of perfect, work with our team of professional web designers, developers and graphic artists to get it just right!

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Website Designer vs. Website Builder: Which Should You Choose?

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