Website Design Tips For A Global Audience

Before the pandemic two years ago, people were just citizens of the internet. Nowadays, people of the world are netizens; people who use the internet habitually. For this reason, your website design needs to reflect a global audience.

Mostly, people now use their mobile devices for online shopping. That includes potentially local customers as well as customers worldwide. And this is why your website design must be able to accommodate a global audience.

In essence, you’ll need to ensure site visitors from different countries can access it in their own language. Not to mention, having your store setup to adopt the varies currencies.

For businesses who don’t think you need a website, we hope after reading this article, you’ll understand why IT DOES. After all, almost any product or service can be used worldwide. Because with the heavy usage of video communications, services are easily accessible.

And don’t you want your fabulous products to be included in your web design and purchased by a global audience? In addition to increasing sales, you can also boost brand awareness on a global scale! So, go forth and connect with more people while reaching more customers.

Building Your Website Design For A Global Audience

If you’re still on the fence about whether your business needs a website, here are 10 reasons why it does. And how your products on a great web design can entice a global audience.

  1. Your website will provide free unlimited marketing and advertising.
  2. Websites offer a place for customers to interact with one another.
  3. Customers provide products and services feedback.
  4. Having a website speaks to your business’ credibility.
  5. A website allows you to be the navigator of your own story.
  6. Web design with optimal user experience can turn a global audience into loyal customers.
  7. Receiving payments and sending products is a breeze.
  8. Your business is easier to find when you have a website
  9. Having a website means you’re open for business 24/7.
  10. Creating lasting business relationships are made easy with websites.

Seems easy enough, right? Let’s go into a little more detail.

1. Web Design Befitting A Global Audience Can Boost Sales

Your website will provide free unlimited marketing and advertising

You’ll be able to showcase your products in the best way possible in addition to writing SEO optimized descriptions. Because you have full control over your site layout, you can highlight featured products and services. Then, all of your products can enter the netizens’ market. Ultimately, prospective customers can peruse your site advertising your product with minimal effort from you. You can also display product announcements and updates. Using marketing popups or ribbons to feature coupon codes, promos and other exciting product news. Or email sign up that encourages visitors to subscribe to your newsletter, updates and more.

2. Websites offer a place for customers to interact with one another

When customers provide feedback about your products and services, you can capitalize on what they have to say. Displaying customer feedback on your site is a helpful decision-making buying tool for other customers.

3. Customers provide products and services feedback

Having a website means dealing with both positive and negative feedback. After all, your site can be seen by the entire world. As such, its content is open to scrutiny. But this doesn’t have to be a negative experience for your business or customers. Instead, use it as constructive feedback and even provide a contact form for direct contact.

4. Having a website speaks to your business’ credibility

These days, if your business doesn’t have a website, customers think you’re not legit. Thus, having an online presence with a global experience provides credibility. Because you can bet that customers are looking for either your products or similar products online. If your business doesn’t show up, they’re obviously going to your competitors’ websites.

5. A website allows you to be the navigator of your own story

Information spreads quickly through the internet. And sometimes it’s difficult to decipher what’s true or false. The worst thing to have happen to is have untruth spread worldwide about your business. For this reason and many others, you need to be the author of your own business’ story. Consequently, a website allows you to curtail information to both local and global customers. Albeit content is super important, you must also be aware of what your website looks like. Besides representing your business online, your website should be inviting enough to gain supporters, followers, and eventually, customers.

6. Web design with optimal user experience can turn a global audience into loyal customers

From your website you’ll able to display and sell your products with ease. In fact, the site will serve as both your sales staff and cashier. In addition to that, you can lead customers to buy the product they want. Its as simple as that and customers will return to your site whenever they want something from your online product catalog.

7. Receiving payments and sending products is a breeze

Selling to a global audience has never been easier. So, you can receive payments from your customers directly through your business website. Hence, is another justification why your business needs a website to effectively reach a global audience. Envisager Studio builds e-commerce websites that offers different ways your business can accept payments. For example, credit card payments or integrating third party solutions such as PayPal onto your website. And of course, Apple Pay and Google Pay. Last but not least are financing option integrations. Customers can pay over time for products that meet certain monetary criteria.

8. Your business is easier to find when you have a website

People use the internet for many reasons. Netizens are pros at searching for what they want. Using unique keywords and keyphrases, you can guide customers to your website. Obviously, knowing how to build a website that effectively drive traffic to it takes experience. Inevitably, the experience of an SEO expert or excellent website designers who know how to write great SEO optimized content. Fortunately for our clients, Envisager Studio’s expertise get Google to notice our clients’ websites. And more visibility in search results means more potential customers; both locally and globally. As a result, our small business clients go toe-to-toe with big brands in their own city and the world.

9. Having a website means you’re open for business 24/7

Doesn’t that sound great to never have to close shop and still sell products without having to physically be there? Consequently, regardless of the time and location of your customers, they can shop your website product whenever they like. Of course, having an faq section on your site with answers to frequently asked questions will help customers. That way they can get help before and after normal business hours.

10. Creating lasting business relationships are made easy with websites

Creating connections with international customers is equally important as connections with local customers. As previously stated, having email sign up forms allow customers to receive updates. But other forms of communication like contact forms and direct messaging provide means for extended communications. During this time, you’re establishing deeper connections with the customer. And let’s not forget about social media tools. Having them visible on your website provides an opportunity for site visitors to follow, like and share your content. With social media, your audience just grew even bigger. Now, you have access to even more potential customers to show your products in their social media feeds. Not to mention, embedding that feed onto your own website. How awesome is that?!

Have we convinced you yet how having a website design fit for a global audience can boost your business? I’m thinking your answer is towards yes. Either way, we get why you may be hesitant. After all, a web design befitting a global audience can be challenging. But that’s what we’re here for. Envisager Studio not only builds responsive websites, but we also build audacious and inviting online shops! Contact us today for a free quote and let’s work together.

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Website Design Tips For A Global Audience

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