Preparing For The Holidays: 4 eCommerce Tips

Having a responsive website design that’s easy to navigate, relevant content for your target audience and a design that’s aesthetically pleasing, are just a few fundamental elements necessary to facilitate a more successful online presence. There are additional considerations if you sell products and have an e-commerce store. Here are a few ecommerce tips for holiday ideas to help you prepare your holiday campaigns and attract more customers:

Displaying a Lookbook of your most attractive products or bestsellers is a great marketing tool that encourages site visitors to make a purchase. Don’t forget to keep the Lookbook updated to offer returning customers fresh products.

The visitor has arrived on your website. Provide a compelling animation, video, or slider on the home page itself to nudge the visitor to travel from the landing page to the checkout page. You could showcase products that are only stocked during that season, a how-to video, the brands that you carry, or what have you.

Having a blog integrated in your store is a great idea to boost the user interactivity. Through the blog you can inform visitors about new products launched, the latest trends, gift ideas, and other relevant content to keep them interested and stay on the site longer. Envisager Studio can help you implement these tips efficiently by designing an exclusive section that compliments your website’s existing layout and will be cross-browser and cross-device compatible. Get a free quote.

Google and other search engines take time to index pages. Your new content is not instantly indexed at the same time that you publish it to the Internet. Therefore, as a good marketing strategy, we recommend getting a special section designed for your website at least three (3) prior to the holiday season. Call us today at (858) 874-6528 and let us help you have an awesome holiday season!

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