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Many small businesses want to start advertising, but are concerned about the declines in organic reach for their Facebook Page posts. Organic reach refers to how many people you can reach for free on Facebook by posting to your Page. This infographic will help you better understand what’s driving this decline on Facebook and learning more about the best 10 platforms for paid advertising.

Why Is Organic Reach Declining?

Depending on the number of Friends and Page Likes, on average, there are 1,500+ stories that a person might see each time they log onto Facebook, but News Feed will display approximately 300. To choose which 300 stories will show, they are ranked from more to less important along with a multitude of factors that are relative to each person. As a result, competition in the News Feed is increasing, thereby making it more difficult for any story to gain exposure in News Feed. Additionally, people are liking more Pages and the growth in content has increased exponentially.

In reality, the organic reach of a typical Facebook post is only 0.073%. This means that if your posts are standard versus paid, they will have slim to no chance of reaching and being seen in the News Feeds of your intended targeted audience.

As Facebook continues to filter the possible 300 stories that appear in your audiences’ News Feeds, small businesses should definitely make use of promoted posts and sponsored stories features to increase the reach of their most valued content.

Paid Social Media

The difference between your social media content being seen or not seen is paid social media. When a person sees their friend likes your business — your Facebook ads drive, on average, 50% more recall and 35% higher online sales lift. With Facebook paid ads you can also get insights about your fans. For examples — where they live and their interests to help you make informed decisions about reaching your current and prospective customers.

Like search, TV, radio, newspapers, and just about every other marketing platform, the high-profile social networks are far more effective when you use paid media to help meet your business goals. Knowing this fact, you may have to rethink your planned marketing strategies for more successful campaign results.

Download Top 10 Social Media Advertising Trends Infographics to learn more about other social platforms advertising statistics.

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