How To Use LinkedIn To Generate More Sales Leads

Many small business owners are not taking advantage of LinkedIn to generate more sales leads. While similar to other social media sites, LinkedIn is for the professional. They offer powerful tools for networking and, thus sales leads.

Here, we will help you create a more professional LinkedIn profile and give insights on how to use LinkedIn to generate sales leads.

Generate LinkedIn Sales Leads By Completing Your Profile

Completing your profile is the first step in helping people to get to know and trust you. Plus, your profile will look better and you can show off all your skills and awards.

Take time to write an attention-grabbing intro before posting it to your profile. This will give you an opportunity to spell check and use the best version for the public to see.

Talk about your passions, professional life and unique accomplishments. This will give people an idea of your work ethics and success. Remember, LinkedIn is a business service. People are there promoting their own successes. Therefore, they want to network with other “successful” people.

When you fill out your work experience and skills, include images, videos – visual aids. And, don’t forget to include keywords of businesses and skills to make it easier for people to find you.

Consistently Post Updates

It’s important to stay active on the platform so people can discover you. It’s not about posting things that you would post on a less professional networking site. Your content needs to be of value.

In addition to posting a quick update, write actual articles with vivid imagery or nice videos is recommended. Of course, your article should be relevant to your industry and provide beneficial business information.

Word of caution: “provide” information, do not try to “sell” through your articles and updates. So, just share useful content with your target audience and make sure you reply to comments.

Once you have started generating hot leads and sales through LinkedIn, people will hear about it at some point. If they reach out to you for help, by all means, help them. Don’t be stingy with your knowledge and success.

Find People From Networking Events

The whole point of attending a networking event is to connect with like-minded people and generate leads. So, if you collected business cards, connect with those people on LinkedIn. It’s important to do this very soon after you met them at the event. This way when you send them a LinkedIn invite, they will remember who you are.

When you add them to your network, try to remember some key points you discussed during your introduction. And, it’s ok to refer to them in future conversations. In addition to building rapport, it shows that you valued what they shared.

One of the key ways to use LinkedIn to generate sales leads is to stay in contact with potential leads. Make sure you message them every so often so they don’t forget who you are.

Find Sponsorship Opportunities

Certain business types, products and services can get sponsorship opportunities through LinkedIn. You can contact employees of relevant business and ask if there are currently any sponsorship opportunities.

If you’re lucky, your product or service could get featured somewhere that millions of people can see it in person. This would be a huge opportunity to drastically increase your sales.

At Envisager Studio, we have helped our clients generate quality sales leads for their businesses. While LinkedIn is not ideal for all businesses to use for sales generation, there are many other avenues you take to advance your business growth.

Contact us today to get advice on how you can grow your business. And, how to generate sales leads from LinkedIn with effective internet marketing.

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How To Use LinkedIn To Generate More Sales Leads

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