Building An Authentic Brand Personality

Building an authentic brand personality consists of a genuine set of characteristics that are attributed to your brand name.

The mistake that some startups make is trying to mimic other brands. This can cause confusion in brand tone, visual style, and brand messages. Why? Because it’s not authentic.

Just like a person’s personality, a brand personality must establish an ‘authentic self’. Consumers are smart and will feel the disingenuousness immediately.

Whether you’re a startup, small business or personal brand, building an authentic brand personality is essential to creating a strong identity.

How To Build An Authentic Brand Personality

It’s not a good idea to have numerous brand personalities, or worse – undefined. This can cause confusion amongst users and consumers. Plus, your company will be lacking in this distinguishing, important quality.

Your brand is not a mechanical device. You dreamed it, worked hard and made it a reality.

With these four steps you can get a better idea how to build an authentic brand personality.

1. Decide Who You Are

As previously stated, some startups try to mimic other brands. That’s a common mistake. But, so is trying to establish who they are AFTER tailoring their messages and launch. The best starting point is to establish your brand identity and choose your values BEFORE launch.

Emphasize your priorities, specialities, and emotional appeal in the basis of your brand identity. Then, it will all began to come together. You’re not just selling a service or product; you’re selling your unique brand. It should mirror who you REALLY are from the beginning.

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2. Brand Voice & Tone

Brand voice is how you use language and tone in a unique way to capture your identity. This is where your personality can dazzle your audience.

Choose your tone. Are you geeky or chic? Funny or serious? Modern or vintage? Whatever you choose, make sure it’s tactful. Use that unique brand voice across blogs, web content, emails, etc. When you do, your brand’s personality will shine brighter than everyone else’s.

If your brand marches to a different drummer (as it should), your brand voice will help you stand out from the crowd.

The main idea here is to give your brand identity human characteristics.

3. Create Your Message

Creating your message is the fundamentals of your brand identity. It’s the mechanism in which your voice can use to reach your audience. This is where relevant Content Marketing becomes very useful.

Be aware where to show topical content; landing pages, email, social media, etc. Also, at what times (before after or during big events, night or mornings), and how often.

But, it goes beyond knowing the what, when, where, and frequency. This is when your visual style can really make a statement and show your brand’s personality. For example, your fonts, art, and logo can have immense impacts on people’s emotions. Does your copy sound genuine? Above all, be authentic and avoid deceptions.

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4. Be Consistent

Take a deep breathe. You’ve worked really hard to carefully establish your brand identity using your personality and content. But, you must not veer off course. Commit for the long haul. And, keep away from ideas that could derail all your efforts and alienate your audience.

In this age of technology, machines are used for just about everything. But, we must not forget that PEOPLE are controlling those machines. So, if you want to reach and engage with them to enhance your brand, you have to share the main commonality; human personality.

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Building An Authentic Brand Personality

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