Benefits Of A LinkedIn Company Page

The number of available social network sites is staggering and if you’re new to social media, deciding which social networks are the best fit for your company can be overwhelming. One thing for sure—you must create a detailed LinkedIn company page that’s complimentary to any type of social media strategy you have developed.

In June 2013, LinkedIn announced it had reached 259 million members. Unlike most of the major social networking platforms, LinkedIn’s membership is comprised of professionals, a number of which are undoubtedly in your target audience. A LinkedIn company page gives you the opportunity to establish your social media presence, share your company’s story and describe what your company has to offer, as well as engage with its network of followers.

The LinkedIn company page is comprised of four tabs:

  • Overview – This tab contains an introduction to your business and basic information about your company. This area will also give your visitors the opportunity to follow your company, receive updates and interact with your business.
  • Careers – This tab, available to those with paid LinkedIn memberships, contains job postings within your company.
  • Products and Services – This tab allows you to share what your company has to offer.
  • Analytics – This tab allows those with administrator access to your LinkedIn company page to view statistics about this page, including page views, both overall and by tab, the number of unique visitors per month, and the number of clicks that each link on the “Products and Services” tab receives.

The “Products and Services” tab of a LinkedIn company page is by far the most important benefit to the company page section. In this section you can promote your products and/or services, and it allows LinkedIn members to recommend and share your offerings within their network.

After you have completed the LinkedIn company page sections with detailed information about your company, build a network of followers to boost your LinkedIn social media presence and consistently engage with this network. This is an ongoing process with a few key steps:

  • Promote your company within your own LinkedIn network to increase followers.
  • Follow and interact with company pages that might lead to potential business.
  • Encourage current and past customers to follow and engage with your company by posting testimonials and reviews on your products and/or services.
  • Company page administrators should regularly post company status updates. If only one person is an administrator, we recommend initially setting a goal to post approximately three status updates a week. If this is divided amongst a group of employees, a schedule of posting twice a day might be feasible and ideal. Include company news, links to relevant articles, and even some fun updates (like an employee “Happy Birthday” shout-out) that provide visitors with a look at your company’s human side. Including target keywords and phrases in these updates whenever possible is highly recommended.

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