Benefits Of Smaller Web Design Agencies

I have wanted to write this article for quick some time now. I’m perplexed by a few potential clients’ decisions when they call or email us for web design projects.

Here’s what we’ve noticed.

We’ve had several potential clients choose another firm simply because that firm is bigger than Envisager Studio. We asked ourselves, “why would anyone want to pay up to 5.5 times more than we’re charging for the same quality of work?”. And sometimes it’s even higher.

Luckily, I figured out what was happening. Some people feel that a more expensive website equals higher quality. And smaller web design agencies can tell you that’s completely false.

While it’s important for businesses to have a website, that’s nothing new. But, the process involved in designing and developing a website is not straight forward as say, a house painter. If you’re getting your 1-story, 1,000 square feet house painted and one company quotes you $3000 and another quotes $8000, something’s not right. It’s obvious that one is trying to swindle you.

Sadly, the obviousness in web design is not so apparent. Besides, there are no rules or standards in web design to dictate pricing structures. Basically, web design agencies can price their work at whatever they see fit, as long as the consumer is willing to pay that price.

To be honest, it’s been a bit frustrating to lose projects to “smoke and mirror” companies. Especially, since many of them are more sales focused and less quality and design skill.

Read on to learn more about the real reasons for the big cost difference between some agencies.

Why Smaller Web Design Agencies Are Sometimes Better

There are many unique benefits and costs to working with smaller web design agencies like Envisager Studio. Have you ever wondered why some web design companies charge $15,000 for the same website that a smaller agency would charge $4,500 for?

Here’s a clue. It’s generally not the quality of work, but instead the overhead. Albeit, not all web design agencies generate the same quality of work. However, that’s a simple thing to determine by just looking at their portfolio.

Because the web design industry is so saturated, clients often have difficulty understanding how theses prices are determined. So, more often than not, clients assume that higher costs means better quality. I can’t speak for other design agencies in the industry. But, we can explain the benefits and costs of working with Envisager Studio. Hopefully, this will be helpful in your decision-making process in the future. At least you will be more informed.

Cutting Out The Go-Between

Working with a smaller web design agency means that you get to interact directly with your lead designer. We don’t have a sales department or ticket system. So, there’s no go-between. This not only saves us oodles of money in overhead, but avoids clients being frustrated by a sales rep or ticket system.

Cutting out the go-between provides a straight line of communication between us and our clients. Plus, the best part is that these overhead cost savings are passed on to our clients.

Smaller Web Design Agency Equals Affordable Prices

Like most smaller design firms, we do not work from an extravagant downtown office building. Although, at times that would be nice, but not profitable. Besides, we would have to include that cost in our prices like larger firms do. It’s a luxury we’re willing to forgo to maintain reasonable prices for our targeted audience.

It’s been 10 years since the worst financial crisis the U.S. economy has experienced. Other than the Great Depression back in the 1930s. However, almost half of the U.S. population still has not fully recovered financially since the 2007/2008 financial crisis. This includes some of our clients.

Therefore, it would be irresponsible of us to increase prices during a time of clients’ financial recover. And, it will probably be some time yet before we push expansion cost onto our clients.


We never take on more projects than we can handle. This helps us build solid relationships with our clients. So, when we’ve reached our limit for the month, we decline additional projects.

What? Is that a good business strategy? Yes, this seems to work for us. We pour our heart and soul into every client’s project. Be it marketing, web design, branding, etc. We want to be known as “the agency that’s well worth the wait”. It’s a big deal to us when our clients feel important and gratified, and never like just a line item on our income statement.

It’s important to us that our hard work and quality is the root of our success, and not from a high volume of projects. If that means we’re a bit slower reaching fame and fortune, we can deal with that.

Wrapping It Up

We’re not angry or envious of any agency. We just want potential clients to be more informed about web design. So, if you’re looking for an agency with reasonable prices and quality work for your next web project, give us a call at (858) 874-6528. Or request a quote online.

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Hazel Burgess

Hazel Burgess is the Founder and Creative Director of Envisager Studio, a premier website design agency specializing in WordPress website design, development and content marketing promotion. The company is based in San Diego, CA and works with companies that range from small business to enterprise level. Follow @EnvisagerStudio on Facebook as well as Twitter.

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