Why You SHOULD Show Dates On WordPress Posts

There is big debate surrounding whether you should show dates on WordPress posts. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter the type of website you have or types of articles you write about. I feel you definitely SHOULD show dates on WordPress posts.

Why? Because content should be relevant and current for users. If there are no dates, how would a reader know if the information is valid for their current use? And for many industries such as technology and medical, showing dates on WordPress posts is crucial.

Technology changes quickly. Code snippets, implementations, etc. that worked last year, could actually break a website today. And there are a plethora of drugs on the market. Imagine having old information causing you to take the wrong combination of medications? This can be very harmful, if not fatal.

Show Dates On WordPress Posts

When you show dates on WordPress posts it gives the reader a reference point. Some bloggers do research on certain topics to compare trends and other data types. If there are no dates on your content, this makes their job difficult to say the least. Plus, you can bet your content won’t be included in their results.

For websites that offer tutorials or classes, dates are crucial. Otherwise, your students could be accessing and learning old information. Also, including the version of the technology you’re providing is helpful too. But, without using dates, you’re doing your users and visitors a great disservice.

Sometimes, you can get an idea of the post’s date from the comment dates. But this isn’t foolproof because not every post will have comments.

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Why Posts aren’t Dated

Over the years, I’ve noticed more and more websites not including dates on their posts.

Some authors say that it’s evergreen content and therefore it doesn’t change nor require a date. Ok? But where’s the reference point? When did it start being evergreen? How will your readers find that article or piece of content?

I’ve also heard authors say that they don’t think their users will read content with old dates. On the contrary. Avid readers of your posts often want to access articles they have previously read.

And the date shouldn’t be as much of a concern, but rather the content is relevant and useful. One of the most read posts on this blog was written in 2015. And it has a date.

Wrapping it Up

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find research regarding whether you should show dates on WordPress posts. But I’ve learned that there are many opinions and much debate about this subject.

However, my opinion is that adding the date gives the reader the opportunity to decide if the content is relevant. Plus, including the author and title is helpful also. Besides, you’ve won your visitors’ attention. So, why make them have to figure out information that you can easily provide upfront?

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Why You SHOULD Show Dates On WordPress Posts

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