VIP House of Hair Beauty Supply

VIP House Of Hair is a beauty supply store located in Lancaster, CA. The comprehensive product assortment consists of over 10,000 product SKUs. Their broad selection of third party branded professional beauty products are not available in retail. For these reasons, the owner contacted Envisager Studio to build the best beauty products website design in order to showcase at least a partial collection of their products.

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Best Beauty Products Website Design | Envisager Studio
Beauty Products Websites by Envisager Studio

About the project

Along with offering thousands of beauty and haircare products, VIP also offers a full service hair salon. This is done as a convenience to clients which saves them time in acquiring hair products used for their salon appointments. However, this presented a few challenges for the Envisager Studio website design team. The difficulties lied in creating a harmonious balance between the salon and aspects of eCommerce. Many of the best beauty products website designs do not include a salon. So, the Envisager Studio team was tasked with developing a distinctive branding approach as well as a seamless website experience. The outcome is a website that includes VIP’s tone void of compromising website performance and search engine optimization.

Logo + branding

Although VIP House of Hair’s products are available to all consumers, its brand celebrates the Afrocentric culture. With this in mind, the Envisager Studio design team sort to include this quality in their logo design. The logo features a sketch drawing of an afro head of hair, filled in with shading to create dimension and depth. We chose Rockwell slab serif and Poppins typefaces for the brand name. Also, black, gray and pink brand colors were incorporated for an overall cohesive look.
Beauty Products Logo Design | Envisager Studio
Best Beauty Products Website Design by Envisager Studio

Best beauty products website design

When creating the best beauty products website, the Envisager Studio design and content team had to hone in on several important aspects of the project. Our goal was to appeal to a specific race demographic while simultaneously being inclusive. Ultimately, this required the use of clear typography as well as a strong color contrast and a streamlined visual style. Rich pink, medium purple and black colors play a prominent role in the structure of the website. To encourage engagement, our developers incorporated animated elements within the site. As such, VIP’s digital presence is animated, interactive and vibrant, comparable with the business in its physical location.

In addition, the website content complements the visual components, creating a pleasant website experience. Without interfering with search engine ranking or website speed, the brand’s unique qualities and mission are clearly conveyed.

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