Louticia's Hair Essentials

Louticia’s Hair Essentials is a division of A Diva’s Hidden Hair Manufacturer which designs and manufactures various types of wigs and hair accessories. Since this division is predominately about marketing its products, they wanted a quick way to get them online. Although expediency was a goal, they still wanted a unique online presence. So, the owner met with the Envisager Studio website design team to build a custom Shopify store.

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Custom Shopify store design showing on a computer and mobile phone screens made by Envisager Studio
Shopify store builder website displayed on an iPhone

About the project

The best way to ensure a unique eCommerce presence is to have a custom website built, whether it’s a Shopify store, WordPress or different platform. While using a basic free Shopify theme works great, your website design inevitably looks like many other stores. Most small business owners and entrepreneurs get taken by the “drag and drop” hype. But once they attempt to make customizable edits outside of the builder’s configurations, it’s more of an endeavor than they were led to believe. Such is the case with Shopify and other website builders. And this is why Louticia’s Hair Essentials chose Envisager Studio to build them a truly custom Shopify store.

Logo + branding

Louticia’s Hair Essentials features a script, letter-based logo design that uses three letters joined together. These letters LHE serve as the initials of the brand’s name. The full brand name is integrated into the round dark purple shape which is accented with gold gradient textured borders. During the logo design, our artists developed custom visual elements for the Shopify store to imbue the bold characteristics of the logo. The result is an elegant visual that accurately represents the brand.
A purple round logo design with business name circled around, gold trim and the letters in the center.
Custom Shopify Store Design by Envisager Studio

Custom Shopify store design

To convey the boldness of this brand, our team relied heavily on complementary colors. Rich purples, textured gold and lawn green are conspicuously featured throughout the site. The essence of perfect hair presented using manikin models, adds a feeling of possibilities that viewers hope to acquire for themselves.

While the content and visuals highlight the boldness aspects important to LHE, they don’t do so at the expense of SEO and information. During this custom Shopify store design, our developers were careful to accurately detail each product as well as create informative articles. As a result, this website is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it is also well-organized.

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