Don’t Buy Twitter Followers

Did you know that having 250 Twitter followers that actually engage with you makes more business sense than having 25,000 followers that’s just for show?

During a recent analysis of several Twitter accounts, we were able to determine that followers were purchased. Some of us at some point may have felt the urge to buy followers; especially for a new Twitter account and compared your followers to similar businesses.

How Skewed Are Your Numbers?

It would be worth a recommendation to some of the social networks to suggest listing the number of people who actually engage with an account versus having the number of followers so prominent. In business, especially marketing, technical and social media data rules, but be mindful of the type of data you’re collecting. How skewed are your numbers? What type of results are you trying to obtain?

How To Buy Followers

There are a plethora of sites that will either boost your followers for free or charge a fee to boost your followers rapidly. There are numerous methods employed to boost your followers. Albeit, we having listed two of the most popular methods to boost followers below, we do not recommend either method.

  • Aggressive Following Technique – By following a large number of people each day, waiting for them to follow you, then un-follow those who don’t follow you back. It is possible to artificially increase your followers very quickly. Twitter is very adamant about not doing this as it states in their online Rules and Best Practices. If Twitter thinks you are aggressively trying to increase your followers by follower/un-follower “churn” methods, you are likely to get your account suspended.
  • Zombie Account Following – You can get thousands of followers by paying a 3rd party company. Theses third party companies have a database of Twitter accounts (zombie accounts) that they will use to follow your account. This method is definitely one to stay clear of. Not only will the followers you receive be random names with numbers/letters thrown together, but you’re also taking the risk of infecting your email account should one of those random accounts have a virus. Not to mention, there’s absolutely no chance of new business to be acquired from these types of followers.

If you’re serious about your company and want to grow your business by getting legitimate and interesting people who are willing to engage with you — don’t buy followers! Think about your business reputation and integrity.

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