A Diva's Hidden Hair Manufacturer

A Diva’s Hidden Hair

A Diva’s Hidden Hair is one of the most dynamic hair replacement centers in the United States and is owned and operated by Founder and CEO Louticia Grier. We create nonsurgical hair systems for men and women.

Louticia Grier, San Diego hair replacement specialist and founder of A Diva’s Hidden Hair Manufacturing Center, enlisted the website design services of Envisager Studio to design an innovative new website that provides easy to navigate dropdown menus taking visitors to every page of the website, and a thorough overview of her hair replacement systems. In collaboration with the custom website design team at Envisager Studio, Louticia Grier has incorporated detailed descriptions of each hair replacement system she creates, along with client testimonials, helpful hair loss articles, a hair replacement specialist biography, and extensive video and photo galleries.

The new website contains fully optimized content written to help people who are suffering from hair loss and for people who would like a fuller head of hair. Louticia Grier anticipates the new website will not only be a trusted source for people suffering alopecia areata or other hair loss conditions, but that it will also enhance her ability to connect with potential and current clients by providing a distinctive, personalized experience with every visit to their website.

Re-Launch Date: July 2018
Page Count: 30
Industry: Beauty
Target Market: B2B and B2C
Services Overview: Responsive Website Design, Logo Design, Custom Photo and Video Galleries, Blog, E-commerce
Location: Solana Beach, CA