7 Character Traits Of A Valuable Employee

Though no job is entirely recession-proof and at times there may be nothing you could have done to prevent a job loss, our presentation lists and describes seven character traits of a valuable employee that can be helpful for a person to do to lessen his chances of being let go when employers have to cut staff. The one who is most valuable to his employer stands the greatest chance of keeping his position.

Back in December 2008, The National Bureau of Economic Research announced that the U.S. has been in a recession since December 2007. Unfortunately, the economy still hasn’t bounced back and unemployment is a major issue. As a byproduct of this downturn, companies have learned to do more with less, including fewer employees in order to keep their companies from going under.

Companies tend to have a key set of qualities they desire from workers. Knowing, practicing and incorporating them into your thinking and behavior can greatly increase your worth and marketability for current and future employers.

How can we define the qualities of a good employee? What do employers look for when separating the average worker from the best and brightest? While every business will have its own unique needs, there are some top employee characteristics that everyone seems to value.

Understanding these employee traits, and recognizing them in candidates, can help improve your recruitment process. Do your senior leaders value employees who are confident and self-motivated? You could assign applicants a task and see who takes the most initiative to go above and beyond the assignment.

You might not entirely agree with the importance of each soft skill, but you probably have an idea of what makes a good employee for your organization. One thing to keep in mind is that not every applicant will possess every one of these research-backed qualities of a good employee–but some can be developed over time. Some candidates may not have much experience working in teams. Others may not have had to communicate with other departments, senior leaders, or external partners.

We are interested in knowing the character traits you look for when hiring new employees and in existing employees. Leave a comment and let us know.

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