3 Dos and Don’ts For Pride Month Marketing As A Brand

The most important thing to consider for your Pride Month marketing is whether your campaigns align with your brand’s values. If equity, inclusion, and diversity are part of your brand values, then this observance will likely align.

Another thing to consider is if your business supports the LGBTQ+ community year-round. Just changing your profile picture or adding some signs may not be an effective way to show your support. So, think about how you’re planning to celebrate or observe Pride Month and your level of commitment.

For example, donate proceeds to LGBTQ+ nonprofits or partner with local organizations. You can also volunteer your time. Taking these actions will help you move forward with a Pride Month marketing campaign strategy.

On the other hand, if you don’t feel that Pride Month Marketing is a fit for your business, you can still show support. For instance, make a donation to an LGBTQ+ organization, or get involved through social media.

Pride Month Marketing Dos and Don’ts

It’s all about authenticity. If you’re planning to launch Pride-themed products as a marketing tactic to just boost your own business, don’t. Your target audience as well as the other people in the world will feel your disingenuousness. In fact, this is exactly what a study revealed in 2019.

Because consumers today are more cynical, they are weary of advertising. Particularly during important events like Pride Month. For this reason, brands must be especially careful about hitting the right tone and sending the right message. Of course, the best way to do this is to be authentic. And that’s what customers want from brands.

So, if you’re committing to a Pride Month marketing campaign, these easy do’s and don’ts.

1.  Do Remember Pride Month History. Don’t Just Stop on July 1

Many of us enjoy going to a parade and admiring all the awesome floats. And the LGBTQ+ community has some of the most beautiful float designs in the world. But does your brand exert the same energy for the cause year round?

When the 30 days are over and the decorations disappear, does your brand continue your support efforts? Most businesses don’t because we’ve all seen the plethora of rainbow items go on clearance like Christmas trees.

And because the 4th of July decorations go up early July, all reminisce of the LGBTQ+ community are erased. This can somewhat be understood because all cultural holidays or observance have a start and end date.

But you can implement educational, donations, and marketing campaigns that continue supporting the LGBTQ+ community.

Pride Month Marketing Year Round Brand Support

Muxe New York Fashions by Kadeem Alphanso Fyfee

Fashion designer Kadeem Alphanso Fyfee does an admiral job supporting the LGBTQ+ community year-round. His gender-fluid label of fashion designs both challenge and comment on gender norms, culture, and politics.

He’s not just making fashion statements either. A percentage of the unisex brand is donated to the Live Out Loud organization.

2.  Do Reflect The Community. Don’t Restrict It To Pride Month

Every community enjoys seeing authentic pride marketing messages. Consequently, more body-positive imagery or diversity within ads, would attract more members of the community. Why? Because representation matters.

But inclusion beyond ads and campaigns is crucial. For instance, people working at your business. More people would shop with you if your business reflect the diverse community.

Pride Month Marketing

Pride Month Marketing Year Round Brand Support

Buying products from LGBTQ+-owned businesses is another way to reflect the community. These products can help create your products or can be featured in your business. Who are your current suppliers? Looking closely, you may discover that you need to expand the list of your suppliers. After all, supplier diversity is important to sufficiently include communities not represented in your supply chain.

3.  Do Get Involved. Don’t Do The Bare Minimum

While volunteering is certainly a way to support the LGBTQ+ community, your business can do more. After all, they and other members of the community are supporting your business.

Pride Month Marketing Do's and Don'ts

San Diego Pride

Customers need to know that you’re not just following a trend to keep step with the competition. With this in mind, find ways you can embrace Pride Month beyond a marketing tactic. And there are many ways to do this. For instance, talk with members of the LGBTQ+ community about how your business can get involved. You can also look for organizations in your area to support.

Another idea is to serve as a meeting place for groups and organizations.

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Pride Month is a great time to educate yourself, your staff, and your customers about your appreciation for diverse perspectives. This is also a good time to ensure your core values align. Also, keep in mind that support the LGBTQ+ community is not just a one month event. Expand your efforts to year-round support.

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3 Dos and Don\'ts For Pride Month Marketing As A Brand

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