What Is SEO Content Writing? How To Create Content For SEO

SEO content writing is the art of creating content to rank high in search engines to attract maximum website traffic.

Additionally, the well-written content entices users to read the whole content and further navigate through the website. In essence, SEO friendly content writing is content that delight both search engines and your target audience.

Now that you understand the meaning of SEO content writing, let’s dive deeper into what it’s made up of.

SEO Content Writing Best Practices

In order for content to qualify as SEO friendly content, it must follow SEO best practices. This is important as there are many factors involved in creating and writing SEO friendly content. And a content writer has to keep these factors in mind to create SEO content.

Here are the major factors to consider when creating content that qualify for top ranking in search engines.


The most important thing SEO content must have is keywords. Keywords are not just a few phrases, they are the actual keywords people would be searching for. So, it requires thorough research to define the list of the appropriate keywords. Generally, content writer’s SEO experts provides a list of target keywords for use in the content to be written.


Keyword density is the number of times a keyword appears in relationship to the total number of words in the content. It is calculated as a percentage. For instance, if a keyword appears once in a 100 word content, the keyword density is 1%. Oftentimes, people misunderstand it as in the first 100 words, which is incorrect.

Here’s another example:

If an article is 500 words and a specific keyword appears 10 times, the keyword density is 2%.


In general, a keyword (aka target search term), is made up of more than one word. Keyword proximity refers to the distance between these target words. For example, if my target keyword is SEO content writing, below are examples of close proximity and distant proximity.

SEO content writing is an art and every writer may not have this understanding. (close proximity)

–We offer SEO friendly content writing services at affordable rates (close proximity)

SEO requires a lot of content that is written by professional writing services. (distant proximity)


It refers to the position of a keyword and its value at that place. Keyword prominence not only considers search engines, but also the overall content. So, if I place a keyword in the first paragraph and again in the second paragraph, does it look prominent?

To clarify, keyword prominence defines the natural flow of the content with keyword visibility for both readers and search engines.


A writer should be aware of the content writing best practices defined by search engines. And these best writing standards must be reflected in the content. For example, according to the recent algorithms, behavior-based keywords work better than the exact match keywords. The content writer must be aware of similar facts and use them in their content to gain SEO benefits.


Unique content is a broad term. For simplicity, in the context of SEO content writing, it means your content shouldn’t look like it was copied. Thus, it should not be an identical copy of it on the web.


A content writer should also understand the target audience and write content relevant to that audience. For instance, content written for a teenagers should be different than content for executives. Therefore, a content writer must keep 3 factors in mind: age, demographic, and profession.


Each reader has a specific expectation when he/she opens a piece of content. For example, blog readers prefer interesting content versus promotional content about your business. Conversely, a prospective client is more interested in knowing about your company’s expertise, products and services. Thus, the content should be written to match the expectation of the targeted audience.

A professional content writer needs to do a lot of research and stay current with the latest trends. But it’s equally important to adhere to best practices to write SEO-friendly content. After reading this article, you probably realize this is a tough job. So, give a treat to your writers as a token of appreciation for their hard work.

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What Is SEO Content Writing? How To Create Content For SEO

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