Logo Design: More Than Just Pretty Colors

A well-designed logo can transcend language and culture. It’s more than just pretty colors. Your logo should be clearly defined, unique so that it sets your company apart from the pack and powerful to convey your company’s brand and message. Your logo should be easily identifiable to your customers even without using text. Our short PowerPoint presentation below which reiterates this message in a graphical format.

Asserting your company’s distinctiveness through a logo design can come from innumerable qualities including the composition, fonts, color, name, color, and shape. Logos are very subjective and should in the end reflect the vision of its leader. Knowing that, minimize the number of opinions to no more than three trusted colleagues. More than that and you’ll no doubt receive ambiguous feedback and no decisions.

Your logo or brand mark’s real value is realized through consistent application and momentum over time. Building recognition is the main purpose of a logo. Keeping the design simple or abstract versus literal leaves room for future growth in your product or services offerings without feeling the need to constantly change the design because its elements are focused more on a particular product or service. This type of thinking impedes the main purpose of the logo design; to build recognition. How can you if it’s changed every year.

After all, logo design is about more than just pretty colors.

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