How To Work From Home During COVID-19: 4 Top Tips

The coronavirus is presenting unique challenges for all of us. We have sailed into new territory with this virus. So, finding new ways to work and communicate while also taking care of our well-being and mental health is important.

Fortunately, many people have the opportunity to work from home versus not receiving financial compensation at all. However, if you are a first-time teleworker, you may feel isolated from co-workers. Coupled with being cut off from physical contact with family and friends, it can cause added stress and anxiety.

This is all the more reason why we must take care of our well-being and mental health. While social distancing is crucial to protect ourselves against potential exposure to the virus, it doesn’t mean social isolation.

Additionally, working from home may be more testing than you originally thought it would be. Even for people who are self-motivated, staying focused and balanced can sometimes be an issue. For those who aren’t, establishing a productive routine can be difficult.

To assist you, here are four top tips for working from home that we hope will be helpful.

1. Setup An Appropriate Workspace

While people work in different ways, setting up your workspace in a comfortable place may not be fruitful. There’s always the a chance of accidentally napping or just spacing out.

The truth is, we may be working from home longer than we anticipant. Full-blown testing hasn’t really begun yet. And there still may be a month or so before we start getting back to normal. So, if you don’t have an actual office already setup at home, it’s past time to figure out a substitute.

2. Get Dressed Every Day

For most of us, working from home feels strange. Sort of feels like we’re playing hooky from work. The best thing to do is dress as if you’re still going out to work. And start working at a reasonable hour just as you normally would.

Dressing for work at home and keeping your regular schedule will make things feel less weird. And don’t forget to take 10 to 15 breaks to recharge.

3. Stay Connected

When you work from home, it’s equally important to stay in touch with your work team as well as friends and family. Of course, friends and family is after work. To accomplish this, use various types of technology.

For example, Microsoft Teams is a great unified communication and collaboration platform that combines persistent workplace chat, video meetings. But, technology like FaceTime, Skype and other video-based options are generally more suitable for personal use.

So, schedule regular communication time with your colleagues so you don’t feel isolated.

4. Exercise and Stay Active

Depending on where you live, taking early morning walks before work may not be ideal. There could be too many people to maintain social distance. But, you can walk around your house or apartment building to help stimulate your brain and body.

Alternatively, if you have exercise equipment at home, use it! However, you should still venture outdoors for fresh air once in a while.

And there you have it, four tips to help you be a productive, health and happy home worker. Eventually things will be back to normal, including our daily commutes. For now, make the most of this odd and challenging situation.

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