Email Marketing vs Social Media

Email marketing is often considered as an alternative to social media. In fact, it has been known to outperform social when it comes to overall conversions.

But, modern marketing campaigns need to be more diverse to reach a broad audience. If you find you are spending the majority of your time on on these platforms, and little to no time on your email marketing, it could be a potentially tragic mistake that could be costing you sales.

A successful business is noticeable by its fit performance record in the industry. The growth of your company should raising continually. They both play a crucial role in your business growth.

Social media marketing is great for reaching new people. Email marketing is awesome at making them convert. Companies that integrate email with social media marketing can achieve that milestone sooner. In the process, they build customer loyalty, drive engagement and generate brand recognition.

You can use a Twitter thread (or a Facebook post) to explain something to users. When it’s time to write another email, link to that explanation instead of writing a new one. Once again, this will also nudge subscribers to your email list to follow you on social media.

A good example of this tactic also comes from Notion. In an email update, they announce a new feature with a quick description. But on Twitter, they publish a longer thread with the in-depth explanation – and link to it in the email.

Our infographic shows just how well social and email marketing can work together.

Download Marketing Infographic

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