Creating A Professional Website For Your Business

Creating a professional website for your business is no small task. We know that from first-hand experience. But, long gone are the days when you contemplate whether you need a website. Today, if you don’t have a website, it’s very difficult to run a business. However, many small businesses are concerned about how best to create a website that works for them.

The biggest concern do it yourself and use a website builder such as Wix or Squarespace. Or, a professional website for your business designed by web designers and developers.

There are benefits to both website builder platforms and a more professional website for your business. Deciding which one is right for your business depends on your situation. So, let’s look closer at what they each offer.

Professional Website Cost Versus A Site Builder

At first glance, one would automatically assume that a professional website is more costly than using a website builder. Actually, that’s not really the case. It may hold true in the short term when dealing with the initial deposit. And, if you just need a simple website that works for the present time.

However, like most things in life, you get what you pay for. And despite the draw of a few free stock photos and plugins, website builders often results in a less than appealing web presence. Plus, you’re provided basic templates which often results in looking like thousands of other sites on the platform. And you also have to deal with minimal support. Oftentimes, you end of with a website that doesn’t look, feel or function the way you need it to.

Hiring a website designer and developer to create a professional website may cost more initially. But, they do offer more extensive services, extended support after completion and maintenance. Included in the extra cost, you get to work closely with a designer and developer to create your ideal website. This type of website is more appealing to your customers. And, if you’re unaware, many customers can spot a generic website the moment it loads.

Besides, not every web developer works in a huge downtown office and charges a fortune for a website. Today, the process is much more affordable. And you can get a professional website for your business at a very reasonable rate.


The web is constantly changing. It used to be that desktop computers and laptops were the most used devices for web searches. Today, mobile devices are the most for web searches and increasingly popular for making purchases. Website builders are infamous for not keeping up with new functionalities and web technologies.

As your business grows, a professional website is much more capable of growing with your developments than site builders. Plus, your custom website will be built to display for each device screen size.

Changes in technology happens quickly. So, get a website that’s build for the future is a smart investment.


If you decide to go with a website builder, you peruse through the templates and plugins. Decide how you want your site to look based on that template. It’s like choosing from prepared meal boxes. All the meals look appetizing and there are tons of dishes that you like. It feels like you’re getting so many choices.

Now, imagine instead of ordering prepared meal boxes you have your own personal Culinary Dietitian. And they are willing to shop for food with you and help you to prepare your meals. Meals that are specific for your weight loss goals and healthy living. Suddenly you’re not limited to a meals that may be working against your body.

That’s the difference you get between site builder tools and professional web design and development. With one you are limited to an admittedly large menu selection. But with the other, you get have exactly what you need and want.

Wrapping It Up

As shown, there are many advantages to each type of website creation. You should consider the cost, functionality, control and even the security factors for your purpose. Hopefully, this was useful in helping you choose which form is the best fit for you.

However, in this digital era, a website is one of the most important tools for your business. And it’s not worth being thrifty. Think of your website as an investment in your business future. You could possible piece together a site yourself that gives you some kind of web presence. But is that the brand message you want to convey? Or the impression you want to make on your potential customers?

Studies show that people will visually judge your website in less than three seconds, and thus your business. So, choose wisely.

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